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Purposeful Africa

Come let our Purposeful Africa cruise give you a chance to serve softly in the mission field while seeing majestic, exotic Africa.  The departure date for the first segment is February 10, 2010.

On this enlightening journey using a cruise ship, we explore the very roots of Africa’s history and legend.  The visits to the river’s deltas, jungles and winding river communities will provide you with insight that is virtually unknown to most. You will see first-hand the hard realities in the daily lives of people born to these areas; but you’ll also share the importance of hope and your longing for others to see and feel God’s grace and love in action. We’ll work with their local and international ministries in discipleship outreach, educational and health programs, building projects, orphanages, plus we’ll support the huge, evangelistic missions that have taken place in their communities.

As part of your mission, be ready for adventure and wonders!  In addition to helping others we’ll have an opportunity to see the rare pygmy hippopotami, hyena, elephant, camels and all sorts of baboons and monkeys during the safaris and excursions. We will be a part of the small fishing villages where you can work in tandem with local ministries to assist them with vital needs.  Afterwards be ready for them to take you game-fishing.  When you return to the ship our chef will even prepare your catch!  The lifetime opportunities are endless.