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Comments from recent guests

We finally took the time with the quiet of the holiday season to read the evaluations and comments from the last charter.  We had quite a time.  Pastor Tim ended up being the hit with his piano playing at dinner time and unexpected praise songs just when the time was right.  Probably one of the most amazing nights that were commented on was watching the video “Indescribable” shot onto the sails of our huge yacht.

We know that we had at least 3 crew meet Jesus and maybe as many as 6.  A few of the comments from guests are as follows:

“You did a fabulous job and we would love to go with you wherever you conduct other tours.  Please keep us informed of any future tours.”  Carol & Bob

“I have very fond memories of this trip”  Joyce

“Couldn’t have been better!  Loved Tim’s piano playing and singing in the lounge.  Everything was great!”

“I also want to thank you for the prayer time we had together.  That was very special for me and I have no doubt God heard our prayers.”  Janet

Hopefully the economy will pull out of this so that next summer’s Christian Mediterranean cruise will be as big a hit.