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The Island of Patmos and Book of Revelation

Our Bible based Christian cruises visit the island of Patmos in Greece. One of the ports of call on the cruise is at Kusadasi which is near Ephesus. During the trip, you’ll depart Ephesus and travel about 80 kilometers to the quaint island of Patmos. You won’t arrive on a large ship, but instead on a smaller boat so you can have a time of praise and worship outside of the grotto where the Apostle John lived. Tour leaders typically give a fantastic teaching from the garden outside of the cave. You can sit in the garden in the lovely intimate amphitheater above Patmos’ harbor. It is from this vantage point that you will study the Book of Revelation that John received while banished here.

You will have time to walk inside the cave and spend as much time as you like. The Greek Orthodox church manages the cave. The scent of frankincense will be quite heavy. It is not that they are burning it while we are there, but the scent has permeated the stone walls and the various furnishings that are kept inside. If you’re up to it, you can walk through the quiet neighborhoods down the hill where the shops, bicycles and motor scooters can be rented.

The afternoon at Patmos is included in our cruise, along with a glimpse of a fisherman’s island life to end tour. Travelers can bring a towel and swim clothes. There is time to enjoy the lovely water surrounding this arid island. You will be able to see why they felt that the aridness of the island would be a prison sentence for the Apostle John.

Also, a Biblical tour of the island of Patmos allows for peaceful reflection of John’s time on the island. You will sample classic Greek Island warmth from its hospitable people, its quaint shops and laid back history. The cruise ship itself does not visit Patmos as a tour destination, this destination is a customized and included teaching destination for Living Passages. See Christian cruises or plan a Christian group travel tour.