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Relative of C.S. Lewis to join us for an on-board reception with Bob Cornuke

Doug Gresham, step-son of C.S. Lewis, author of the Narnia series, has agreed to visit us on board our ship during the upcoming July 2012 Malta Christian cruise.

Gresham will visit us for a reception during the trip on July 23rd. The topic of discussion will center on the fascinating history of Malta. Gresham will also speak alongside the divers and their families who assisted Bob Cornuke of the BASE Institute in their discovery of the anchors of Paul’s shipwreck, as outlined in Acts 27 and 28.

The four anchors, found off the coast of St. Thomas Bay, were discovered by Cornuke after using the Bible as a geographical tool to estimate the location. Luke recorded the incident of the shipwreck as he observed it from the shores of Turkey and Malta and the book of Acts logs the event in great detail.

The inclusion of Doug Gresham in the discussion is an amazing experience unique to this trip alone. For those of you who have already reserved your place on board the ship, consider this an added bonus. If you would like to book the Malta cruise for you or a loved one, know that the addition of this guest speaker does not change the going rate for the cruise package.