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Excommunication Decree of Martin Luther to be shown on Living Passages 2012 Bible Tours

Living Passages Spring and Summer 2012 tours that include Rome and are hosted by Rhonda Sand have a unique opportunity for Bible study clients.  In a rare move, the Vatican is allowing the following documents to be shown by appointment.  The reason for the opening of the archives for our perusal, is their celebration of having the Vatican archives for 400 years.  The top three items we will see include the following:

1. The excommunication decree of reform leader Martin Luther.

2. Henry VIII's orders to Pope Clement VII in 1530, signed by members of the English parliament, as well as bishops, abbots and the Archbishops of York and Canterbury.

The order urged the Pope to annul Henry's marriage to Catherine so that he could marry one of her ladies-in-waiting, Anne Boleyn, in the hope of producing a longed for male heir.

"If the Pope is unwilling, we are left to find a remedy elsewhere. Some remedies are extreme, but a sick man seeks relief in any way he can find," the lords wrote in a transparent threat.

Henry had fallen in love with Boleyn in 1526 and was desperate for his marriage to Catherine to be annulled, a struggle against the Vatican that he referred to as his "great matter."

Henry married Boleyn in 1533 but Clement VII declared the union invalid and five years later the King was excommunicated by Clement's successor, Paul III.

The confrontation led to a split with the Catholic Church and the start of the English Reformation.

3. Of interest to creation scholars include the astronomer Galileo's retraction of his theories of the galaxy after his trial on heresy charges in 1633.

Living Passages Rome contacts and the unique Christian and Jewish visits are a hallmark of Living Passages tours of the Biblical areas of the Mediterranean.  A private ladies tour is currently being organized.  For more information, contact Living Passages at 888 771 8717 or via our contact page.