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Christian Cruise Features Patmos in Greek Islands

Our Christian Cruise Features Patmos in the Greek Islands, providing you and your family with an intimate look at the Apostle John’s life away from the crowds while we are on Patmos. Large ships may visit the island, but they do not have the intimate teachings and rare insight that you will receive of John’s visions for the Second Coming and Time of The End.

The book of Revelation, written by John describes the apocalyptic ruin of the world and the triumphant battle and return of Jesus Christ. Not only do our guests visit the grotto and cave where John lived, but they also will see rare Biblical manuscripts that only in the past 2 years have brought about great interest by Biblical scholars. This island, Patmos, is best known as the location where John actually received the visions that led to him writing the book. They tiny island is located about 6 hours by ship from Ephesus where John lived with Jesus’ mother Mary after his release from the island. You will trace the path of John as he transcribed his visions for the rest of the world to read.

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