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Archaeologist Eli Shukron on site in Israel with Living Passages

Living Passages is proud to have world famous archaeologist Eli Shukron, on site in Israel to discuss his recent findings with our June Group.  The Associate Press reported on May 6, 2014 that Eli Shukron’s has uncovered the water tunnel that King David used to conquer the city talked about in 2 Samuel, which was then under Jebusite rule. It is where the people would come to draw water. The underground fortress was believed to protect their water supply. There is a narrow path that leads to the wall of the city and this is the point where King David and his troops would have penetrated the city of Jerusalem. “This is the citadel of King David, this is the Citadel of Zion, and this is what King David took from the Jebusites,” Eli Shukron said. “The whole site we can compare to the Bible perfectly.”

The AP reported:

Shukron’s dig, which began in 1995, uncovered a massive fortification of five-ton stones stacked 21 feet (6 meters) wide. Pottery shards helped date the fortification walls to be 3,800 years old. They are the largest walls found in the region from before the time of King Herod, the ambitious builder who expanded the Second Jewish Temple complex in Jerusalem almost 2,100 years ago.

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