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New Evidence of the Red Sea Exodus

Red Sea Exodus Evidence

Evidence of the Red Sea Crossing Exodus continues to surface. If you have been with us on a past trip to Egypt’s viewing point at Jabal Al Lawz (mountain of Moses in Saudia Arabia) or the Sinai, we want to announce that more awe-inspiring evidence has been found. This time it is on the Galilee in Israel. There is an area near Magdala that has been under excavation for that past four and half years, called Huqoq. Working on a hill high above the Sea of Galilee, the team has uncovered one amazing floor mosaic after another in the buried ruins of a synagogue.

Sections of the decorated floor feature the unmistakable biblical scene of the parting of the Red Sea from the Exodus story. The scene of the parting of the Red Sea shows Pharaoh’s soldiers being swallowed by large fish, surrounded by overturned chariots with horses and chariot drivers.

Other Bible Stories Revealed 

Also at the site of Huqoq are mosaics that document the Genesis account. The mosaics depict the animals of Noah’s Ark with an ark and pairs of animals, including elephants, leopards, donkeys, snakes, bears, lions, ostriches, camels, sheep and goats. These mosaics are very similar to those near Adana in Turkey, close to where the Ark rested. The mosaics of Turkey, Misis specifically, are found below and document the bird house that was on the Ark and other outstanding pieces. Although we may not be ready to travel to see these Turkey mosaics, we can now know that sister mosaics can be found on our visits to southern Galilee.

The first section of the mosaic floor, found in 2012, depicted Samson setting the Philistines’ fields ablaze with flaming foxes, another panel was revealed showing Samson carrying off the gates of Gaza.

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