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Israel Tour 2017 with Frank Turek of Cross-Examined

March 26-April 6, 2017

Join apologetics teacher, Frank Turek, for a very special Holy Land Tour of Israel. Although Frank has led groups to Israel before, this itinerary has been created especially for you. We have hand selected the most unique hotels, by location and ambiance, with you in mind. Plus, world famous archaeologist, Eli Shukron, will be your guide for the entire trip! His prominent Jerusalem discoveries include the pool of Siloam and tunnels under the City of David. This itinerary is for discerning travelers and visits the places of Our King that are filled with Biblical truths.  The trip is limited to a small group.  The total price including economy class air from Charlotte (inquire about other cities too!), meals as noted, all teachings, 5-star hotels, transportation and all entrance fees is $5,999 per person.  There is a $3,850 per person add-on for business class or an add-on of $1,775 for a single room for one person. The trip is limited to a small group, so act now. We hope you can join Frank!


Day Itinerary at a Glance

March 26 Depart USA
March 27 Ashdod, lovely seaside hotel
March 28 Mitzpe Ramon, Maresha, commanding views!
March 29  Tabernacle in the Desert, Wilderness of Zin, Eilat, Red Sea – seaside hotel
March 30 Red Sea, free day to enjoy sea and spa
March 31 Masada, Ein Gedi, Dead Sea spa
April 1 Jericho, Galilee hotel stay on the sea
April 2 Galilee
April 3 Galilee, drive past Nazareth, Megiddo, Bethlehem, Jerusalem
April 4 Jerusalem
April 5 Jerusalem
April 6 Return home

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Day Christian Israel Tour Itinerary

March 26

We depart from the USA today.  Air is included from Charlotte, we can work with you on your own air city.

March 27

We arrive in Tel Aviv and will be driven to our hotel on the Mediterranean Sea, for the night, West Hotel, Ashdod. BLD

March 28

Our touring begins with driving through the Philistine area, starting with the area of Beth Shemesh. This is where Biblical Archeology Review showcases the excavation of Khirbet Qeiyafa. We will stop in the valley of Elah, where David encountered Goliath (I Samuel 17), and continue through the Philistine country and up the Shephelah, the foothills between the mountain and the coast. Here we visit Maresha (aka Beth Guvrin), from which we can see the entire Judean range to the east, as well as Lachish, Gath and the Philistine cities to the west.

Also here, we join the Dig-for-a-Day program. For 3 hours (around a unique lunch), we will perform digging, sifting and pottery examination. The adventurous among us can do some exciting exploration of unexcavated cave systems that are accessed through leather straps. This is a very unusual day!

Later in the day we visit Abraham’s Well and Mitzpe Ramon. Our luxury, boutique hotel is designed into the unique environment, affording fantastic views of the rare crater-like landscape. You can also take a helicopter trip this afternoon right over the crater!  Prepare for a great sunset dinner and extraordinary sunrise in the morning! BLD

March 29

This morning, we drive east to Arad and then continue to Maaleh Akrabbim (the Ascent of the Scorpions), which is mentioned in Joshua 15:3, when tracing the border of the Promised Land. We will drive to southern-most point of Israel and stop at Timna. Thousands of ancient mining shafts can be seen throughout the area, as well as the remains of smelting furnaces, used by ancient imperial Egypt to create the copper for household tools, weapons, costly ornaments and cultic objects. You’ll thrill at the stories of Hathor, the goddess of copper, and the deified Pharaoh Ramses. You’ll find remnants of Egyptian mythology and hieroglyphics and its fascinating history. We will see exciting finds at the Temple of Hathor near the spectacular Solomon’s Pillars, and of course, the ancient rock-drawings depicting hunters of ostriches and ibexes, Egyptian battle chariots and other images. While we are there, we also see–perched in the desert--a life-size replica of the original Tabernacle. While no original materials (e.g., gold, silver, bronze) have been used, the model is accurate in every other way, based upon the Biblical description We then continue driving south to Eilat where we overnight at Herod’s 5-star Vitalis Resort & Spa.  BD

March 30

Enjoy a free day on the Red Sea at Eilat.  We have a fish dinner tonight, seaside.  BD

March 31

We drive north to Masada this morning.  We also visit Ein Gedi and then arrive at our Dead Sea spa, Herod’s for the night.  Enjoy a nice float and coat yourself in the natural muds at the bottom of the mineral rich lake.  We have dinner together. BD

April 1

We drive to Jericho, where we visit the Tel of the world’s oldest city, discuss the significance of the walls, Rahab, and more.  We also view the “traditional mountain of Jesus’s temptation.” We stop at Jacob’s Well, site of Jesus’ conversation with a Samaritan woman. At Shechem (an important altar site), we visit the mound of the ancient city, where Joshua renewed the covenant, and where we will learn of the significance of this for today’s political environment. We drive through the Dotan Valley, where Joseph’s brothers threw him into a cistern, and pass Samaria, Ahab’s capital.

We continue north, tracing the Rim of the Jezreel and then east into Herod’s Valley. This fantastic view is filled with Biblical history. From this location on Tel Jezreel, looking east, one can imagine the yet-to-be-crowned Jehu “driving like a madman,” on his way to kill the kings of Israel and Judah. 900 years later, Jesus healed the 10 lepers, probably somewhere in this valley. At Ein Herod, we’ll see where, as Judges 7 describes, Gideon thinned his army by bringing the men to the spring and sorted them on the basis of how they drank from the water. At Beth Shean (aka Scythopolis), we’ll climb the Tel and view the setting for the death of Saul (I Samuel 28 - II Samuel 1). We’ll then survey the magnificent Roman and Byzantine ruins of the theatre, bathhouses, ancient restrooms, market areas and colonnaded streets. Continuing north to Tiberias where we’ll arrive at boutique hotel Galei Kinnereth.  BD

April 2

Today will be spent around the Sea of Galilee, visiting the sites of Jesus’ ministry, then we will depart for the Yarmuk River and ascend the Aphek Plateau, for an unobstructed view of the lake from the east. Afterward, we will visit the Mt. of Beatitudes (Matthew 5-7). We will also drive to the site of Bethsaida, then Tabgha, where Christians have long remembered the first feeding of the multitude (Mark 6) and nearby, the breakfast mentioned in John 21.

From there, we travel on to Capernaum, where archaeologists believe they have uncovered the house of Peter (Mark 1 and 2). Because Jesus did much of his teaching in the three towns of Capernaum, (about two miles up the hill) and the villages of Chorazin and Bethsaida, the three comprised what is called the “evangelical triangle.” In them, Jesus performed most of his miracles and he cursed them for failing to repent. We’ll view the remains of a fishing boat from Jesus’ day at the Allon Museum and spend an hour on the lake in a wooden boat modeled after the one we have just seen. We will return to our lovely spot on the Sea of Galilee for dinner and a lakeside gathering at sunset, for fellowship. BD

April 3

This morning you have a choice: You can enjoy a quiet morning and find a nice sun bed on the lakeshore with breakfast at your leisure or you can join us for a hike on the “Jesus Walk”. There is a walk that Jesus may have taken from a high point above the Galilee. We will take a thermos of coffee, water and danishes and go to the point where Jesus may have seen his disciples ready to undergo the storm. Later today we will be driving past Nazareth, Jesus’ boyhood home. We cross the Jezreel Plain to Megiddo, the Armageddon of Revelation 16. Here we will stop for a study of the importance of this area in prophecy. From our vantage point, we will be able to go over the incredible future and history from one site. We drive into Bethlehem this afternoon to see Shepherd’s Field’s and stop at Nativity Square. Then, like those in Matt 20:18, “We are going up to Jerusalem…”  Our home for the next 3 days will be the beautiful Mamilla Hotel, located adjacent to Jaffa Gate.  BD

April 4

We begin today with a visit to the Mt. of Olives for a teaching and walk down Palm Sunday Road. We then visit the Temple Institute. After our visit, we will meet Jerusalem’s own, Eli Shukron.  With Eli, we visit the Western Wall, the holiest site accessible to the Jews. Then we will visit the Western Wall tunnel that enables us to examine the length of the outer Herodian Temple wall–mostly preserved in mint condition–including two stone blocks each weighing about 600 tons. The group will then descend the slope of the first Jerusalem (“City of David”) to the Gihon Spring. Here, you will have two choices: You may enter into the newly- opened tunnels that connect the City of David with the Western Wall area or proceed in knee-high water through Hezekiah’s tunnel. This was the tunnel that fed the water to a pool of safety from Assyrian arrows. We will also see the Pools of Siloam and the Pools of Bethesda. We then drive to the Shrine of the Book, which houses many of the Dead Sea Scrolls.  BD

April 5

We walk through the Old City’s bazaars and ascend to the al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock, where once, it is thought, the Temple stood. We will then go down into Archeological Park and enjoy a teaching near the Southern Steps and Robinson’s Arch.  Our final visit is for communion together at the precious Garden Tomb.  Have a free afternoon to enjoy the Old City or a stroll to recapture some memories or photos.  We have late check- out from our Jerusalem hotel, with a wonderful farewell dinner.

Drive to the airport around 8:00PM this evening for flights home.

April 6

Arrive back in the US.

Dr. Frank Turek
Frank Turek Israel 2016

Dr. Frank Turek is a dynamic speaker and award-winning author & coauthor of four books: Stealing from God:  Why Atheists Need God to make their Case, I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist, Correct, Not Politically Correct and Legislating Morality. As the President of CrossExamined.org, Frank presents powerful and entertaining evidence for Christianity at churches, high schools and at secular college campuses that often begin hostile to his message. He has also debated several prominent atheists, including Christopher Hitchens and David Silverman, president of American Atheists.

Frank hosts an hour-long TV program each week called I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist, that is broadcast Wednesday nights on DirecTV Channel 378 (the NRB Network). His radio program called CrossExamined with Frank Turek, airs on 122 stations every Saturday morning at 10 a.m. eastern and is available continuously on the free CrossExamined App.

Frank is a widely featured guest in the media as a leading apologetics expert and cultural commentator. He has appeared on hundreds of radio programs and many top TV programs including: The O’Reilly Factor, Hannity and Colmes, Faith Under Fire, and Politically Incorrect. He also writes a column for Townhall.com.

A former aviator in the US Navy, Frank has a master’s degree from the George Washington University and a doctorate from Southern Evangelical Seminary.  He and his wife, Stephanie, are blessed with three grown sons.


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