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Discovering the Treasures of Europe with Pastor Erwin Lutzer

I am excited to join Pastor Erwin and Rebecca Lutzer’s tour that begins in London, June 1, 2018.  I’ve known that the British Museum in London housed the Egyptian Rosetta Stone, the Epic of Gilgamesh—which confirms the flood story—and the tablet of Nebuchadnezzar that confirms the two attacks on Jerusalem, but,  just this week I’ve learned that they also have:


-The Lachish letters that confirm the prediction of impending doom issued by Jeremiah

– The Israeli Stele, which is the first and earliest mention of Israeli ever found outside of Biblical texts

– The Amarna letters found in Egypt that outline the Hebrew troops being led by Joshua

– The Nineveh Tablets that outline King Hezekiah’s defense of Jerusalem

– And so much more!


We have ordered excellent reference materials on all of the GOD-SIZED artifacts for your use.  The museum is something that will take a full day to peruse and is not to be missed!  It is a wonderful add-on to our time studying the Reformation.  Pastor and Rebecca will be traveling with only one bus, so be sure to act soon!

Dr. Lutzer has such keen insight to the Reformation characters.  You will have a fun time learning from him as we discover the importance of The Reformation together in June 2018.  A sample of his teachings can be found here as he expounds on John Knox and Mary Queen of Scots.