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The Ark of the Covenant Expedition & Timket Festival with Bob Cornuke

January 17-25, 2017 – BASE Institute

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What could be better than combining the adventure of an African safari, the mystery of following the route of the Ark of the Covenant, the truth of seeing God’s word come to life in the people of Axum, Ethiopia, attending Biblical Timket, and traveling to areas of amazing beauty and comfort in both accommodation and food. We want you to see why Biblical discoverer, Bob Cornuke, has such a love for this special place on earth. We will share it together! All meals, airfare, touring, transportation and tips are included! Let the adventure of a lifetime begin! There is a pre-tour offered, to the mountainous area of Gheralta, where you can visit churches with precious gospel writings and Old Testament stories painted from ages past, along with staying in a pristine Italian rock lodge. The core tour starts at $ including round-trip airfare from Washington, DC.

Pre-Tour Core-Tour

DateEthiopia Bible Tour Description
Jan 14*Arrive at Washington DC, Dulles.
Jan 15*Churches of Gheralta. BLD
Jan 16*Gheralta. BLD
Jan 17*Debre Domo, Yeha, Garima Gospels. BLD
Jan 17Depart Washington DC, Dulles.
Jan 18Axum, eve of Timket begins. BLD
Jan 19Axum, Timket Festival, Stele Square, Saint Mary of Zion. BLD
Jan 20Lalibela, Pilgrimage places for “Jerusalem of Africa”. BLD
Jan 21Gondar, ancient Jewish village. BLD
Jan 22Bahir Dar, Blue Nile Falls. BLD
Jan 23Tana Kirkos Islands. BLD
Jan 24Nile Fishing Trip, farewell dinner.
Jan 25Arrival back in Washington DC, Dulles.
*BLD= Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Jan 14Guests taking the pre-tour of Gheralta need to be in Washington, DC, at the Dulles airport to board our flight, which departs at 10:30AM. Most cities have late night flights that arrive in Dulles in the morning, or there are plenty of airport hotels to spend the night prior. Please arrive at the airport no later than 8:00AM. We fly nonstop to Addis on a new Boeing 777 owned by top rated Ethiopian Airlines.
Jan 15Arrive in Addis in the early morning and transfer to our domestic flight to Axum. Our arrival time in Axum is at 10:30AM. We will be met and transferred to a lovely hotel for a brief rest and lunch overlooking the churches of Axum. This will be a long day. We face a 3 hour, scenic drive through what is known as the Grand Canyon of Ethiopia. When we arrive, we will be at a lovely Italian hotel called Gheralta. Bob Cornuke will be waiting for us here. The long trip will be worth it, you will see! Settle in for the night and enjoy the view. A fantastic dinner, by their Italian chef, will be waiting for our group; hospitality, Italian style. BLD
Jan 16Today will be a day we will treasure for a lifetime. We will climb to the ancient rock churches of Tigray. The churches are known to have hidden many of our most treasured Biblical manuscripts and history. We will see ancient paintings of Christ, the angels Gabriel and Michael, Melchezidik, Abraham, Isaac and the Apostles. While there, we will meet with monks who have been isolated all of their lives to worship in this remote place. We will have much to discuss as to why God would choose to hide the Book of Enoch and other books in this place. Tonight a sumptuous Italian dinner to discuss our huge day! BLD
Jan 17Leisurely breakfast for those wanting to rest and have some quiet time. For those with the energy, there is time this morning to see another Wukro church. Later in the morning, we retrace our steps back over the spectacular scenery! We make a stop of Debre Damo, one of Bob’s favorite places. You will be one of only a few guests that have visited this treasure. The top of this mysterious monastery is accessible only by leather ropes. Women are not allowed at the top, but we will have plenty of opportunities while we wait. Bob will share the reason for the, male only, segregation, as it is also iconic. Next, we visit the world re-known, small church of Garima. Garima came into the world’s limelight 5 years ago when the world’s oldest Biblical manuscript with paintings was discovered in their treasury. The monastery also has the Book of Enoch and other treasures. Next, while we are near Garima we will visit the Temple at Yeha. Yeha is thought to be a Jewish building from the time of the Queen of Sheba – it has a mikveh and incense burners with many Sabean writings from the time of King Solomon and Sheba. The Temple is one of Ethiopia’s greatest treasures. We arrive back into Axum tonight with dinner at our lovely hotel, overlooking the ceremonial grounds. BLD
Jan 18Those who did not take the pre-tour of Gheralta will arrive today. You will have breakfast at your hotel, enjoy a visit to the Azami homes, the Stele Square museum with its pedestal known to have once held the Ark of the Covenant and many other treasures. We return to the hotel and you will meet those guests who are arriving today for lunch. Please see the rest of the itinerary below.
Jan 17If you have accepted our air inclusive package, you will need to be in Washington, DC, at the Dulles airport to board our flight, which departs at 10:30AM. Most cities have late night flights that arrive in Dulles in the morning, or there are plenty of airport hotels to spend the night prior. Please arrive at the airport no later than 8:00AM. We fly nonstop to Addis on a new Boeing 777 owned by top rated Ethiopian Airlines.
Jan 18Arrive in Addis in the early morning and transfer to our domestic flight to Axum. We will arrive in Axum this morning at 10:30AM. We will be met and transferred to our strategically located hotel for lunch and short rest before the adventure begins. The legends narrated in the Kebre Nagast “Book of Kings” recount how the city of Axum, as early as the 10th century B.C., was the city in which the Queen of Sheba resided. It is recounted that the son of the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon brought the Ark of the Covenant to Axum and it remains there to this day, preserved in a sanctuary. Famous long before the time of Christ, Axum was the capital of the long Axumite reign, one of the oldest African empires, and represented a crucial connecting-point between Africa and Asia for almost a thousand years. A visit is organized to the steles, granite monoliths dating from pre-Christian times and decorated with symbolic engravings, and to the church of Mary of Zion, which contains many implements used in service to the Ark and many other treasures. Bob has prepared for you an experience like no other. You will be treated as family by the community, due to their love for Bob and his various friends’ ministry work in their small loving town. In the evening, you shall get the chance to participate in the eve program of the Timket festival. The chanting, singing, and dancing is precious and you will sense their genuine love for Jesus. Overnight stay in Bob’s favorite hotel – the Yeha. BLD
Jan 19In the morning, you will attend the Timket festival. We will also visit the tomb of Bazen – a new discovery known now as the tomb of one of the three wise men. We will visit the frankincense trees, the rock inscription of the Lion of Judah, various tombs and witness mass colorful baptismal, going on in the Queen of Sheba pool, while hundreds of participants cover the hills draped in white gauze dresses, singing the Psalms of David. You’re spirit will be lifted by the sweetness of it all! We break for lunch together on the terrace of our hotel. Late afternoon, we will arrange for you to visit the church of St. Mary (said to house THE Ark of the Covenant) and see the grounds where their kings (in the lineage of David) were all crowned and have time for a visit to the spice and antiques markets. Return to our hotel terrace, above the ceremonial grounds, to listen to the sweet voices below over dinner. BLD
Jan 20We fly late morning to Lalibela. This city of Christian pilgrimage, for our African based brothers and sisters, is located at an altitude of 2,600 meters above sea level. In this ancient city there are 11 monolithic churches that were built in the twelfth century and are carved out of pink granite rock; they have been classified as one of the wonders of the world. Each church has a unique architectural style; all are superbly carved and most of them are decorated with well-preserved paintings. The entire city may be described as a sculpture, dedicated to the glory of God. The day is devoted to visiting both groups of churches and the city itself. We have an overnight stay in Mountain View Hotel or similar. BLD
Jan 21Gondar. After breakfast you shall be transferred to the airport to catch your flight to Gondar. Gondar was once the capital city of the Ethiopian empire, which began in 1632 with the reign of Fasilidas. Upon arrival, you will have an excursion to the Felasha village (ancient Jewish), when you return, you shall visit the imperial city of kings and then a small palace called “Fasiladas bath”, built outside of the city. Overnight at a superb, brand new, Italian style lodge overlooking the city. BLD
Jan 22Lake Tana, source of the Nile. In the morning you shall visit the beautiful church, Debre Birhan Selassie, whose walls are covered with beautiful gospels. Afterwards, you shall drive to Bahir Dar which in Amharic: means “sea shore”. Located at a 1082 m, it’s the capital of the Amhara Region. Bahir Dar is the place where most weddings take place. You will see why! After lunch visit the waterfalls of the Blue Nile: 100 meters wide, the water plunges 45 meters, giving rise to steam clouds and rainbows. Those who wish may descend to the base of the falls, climb back up the other side and cross the Nile in a papyrus boat (traditionally known as a “Tankwas”) in order to return to the point of departure (about an hour’s walk). Overnight stay in Kuriftu resort. The hotel has a spa and fantastic lakeside restaurant that will be our home away from home. BLD
Jan 23Today we have a full day boat trip across the lake. Our destiny is mysterious Tana Kirkos. It is here that you will see the treasury of implements that were used when the Ark of the Covenant was brought to Ethiopia for safe keeping. The men will have a unique experience with Bob, where he will take them to the place where the Tabernacle poles fit into the rock and you will receive a teaching from Bob that will melt your heart. We will have lunch and plenty of story time! BLD
Jan 24Today is a day that we will relax and enjoy a fishing trip on the Nile. Bring your pole, or enjoy one of ours. We will also have a crocodile and hippopotamus safari. Not only will you be able to see these amazing animals in the wild, but you will see plenty of the world’s most exotic birds and monkeys and a couple unique snakes! What a precious day of rest. We depart the hotel at around 6:00PM tonight, for our overnight flight back to the US.
Jan 25Arrive back at Washington, DC, Dulles airport today.

Robert Cornuke

BASE Institute
Speaker on Christian Africa TourRobert Cornuke, a former police investigator and SWAT team member, is a biblical investigator, international explorer, and best-selling author who has conducted and participated in numerous expeditions in search of verifiable historic sites and artifacts from biblical history. He has appeared on the CBS television special “Ancient Secrets of the Bible,” NBC’s Dateline, MSNBC, 700 Club, FOX Television Network, and Ripley’s Believe it or Not. Articles about Bob and his adventures have appeared in Newsweek, People, The New York Times, Vanity Fair, and Bible Review. Bob participated in a special assignment for network television, going into Afghanistan during U.S. bombing strikes and was invited by special request to speak to the White House staff in Washington DC. He holds a PhD. in Bible and Theology from Louisiana Baptist University and serves as special advisor for the National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools. He is an adjunct professor at Louisiana Baptist University and lectures at Colorado Christian University. Bob is president of the Bible Archaeology Search and Exploration (BASE) Institute located in Colorado Springs, CO, where he lives with his wife and children.

The last century has seen the discovery of numerous artifacts of tremendous Biblical archeological significance: The Dead Sea Scrolls, Tel Hazor in Galilee, The Shroud of Turin, and many others that have bought ancient history to life in the modern age, and opened the door to spiritual rebirth worldwide.

As an international explorer and author, Bob Cornuke has followed the Exodus route of Moses; dived the Red Sea in search of Pharaoh’s chariots; searched for the lost Ark of the Covenant in Israel and Ethiopia; traveled to Eastern Turkey on several expeditions with Apollo 15 astronaut James Irwin; researched and explored extensively in Iran; has searched underwater in Malta for the anchors from Paul’s shipwreck (Acts 27); and has undertaken a number of other remarkable expeditions. Bob’s research and amazing findings regarding Mt. Sinai have garnered worldwide acclaim by scholars and captured the interest of the media and general public. Now, Bob takes on his greatest adventure to-date.

After hundreds of books, dozens of expeditions, and decades of theological and archeological exploration, the debate over the existence and the possible whereabouts regarding the remains of Noah’s Ark continues. Noted historians, scientists, and explorers have searched for clues, with the focus of their search centering on Mt. Ararat in Turkey; widely-believed, but never proven, to be the landing site of the Ark. But author-investigator Cornuke, founder of the Bible Archaeology, Search & Exploration (B.A.S.E.) Institute, has always been focused on the mountainous regions of Iran (Mt. Soleiman) as the likely landing place for he Ark. Cornuke, a respected author, lecturer, and frequent resource for Discovery & the History Channel, has dedicated himself to the quest for archaeological evidence and artifacts that validate the Bible.

For over two decades, Cornuke has used both his expedition experience and his background as a former CSI specialist, retracing the steps and accounts of Ed Davis, an army officer stationed in Iran in 1943. Davis, who passed a lie detector test, claims to have been taken to the Ark’s resting place, and was able to offer both a detailed verbal account, and drawings of what he had seen. Relying on instincts honed from years in law enforcement, the fact that Biblical point toward the Ark’s ultimate destinations being further east than traditionally thought, and the disappointing lack of progress in finding any evidence of boats that other alleged eyewitnesses claimed to see on Mount Ararat, which Cornuke has climbed several times, led him to believe that Davis’ story was worth investigating.

Over two decades of research and reconnaissance in Turkey and Iran resulted in Bob Corunke completing an expedition this July that brings exciting and hopeful news. Cornuke and his team went back to Iran (Cornuke’s 4th expedition there) where they braved treacherous climbing conditions, and a hostile political environment, to uncover a wealth of evidence that carbon daters, geologists and spiritual archeologists say holds promise of being the true remains of Noah’s Ark.

Numerous photos, video footage, and samples were collected at the site, which Cornuke and a world-wide team of experts are studying. Evidence of petrified wood, which a renowned carbon dating facility places as being historically old enough, and photos and footage of what geological experts say appears to be a “hand-hewed” structure, give Biblical archeologists and other experts cause for optimism that Cornuke may finally have lifted the veil on a centuries-long quest for the greatest Bible legend ever chronicled.

As Cornuke compiles his team, and awaits the opportunity to once again face the unyielding dangers of man and nature to explore the myths and realities of the Bible, he has chronicled his journey to-date in a book called Ark Fever (Tyndale, October 2005). Ark Fever, details Cornuke’s quest to learn the truth about Noah’s Ark, and the many risky experiences of climbing icy peaks, dodging bullets, evading capture, and facing the unyielding dangers of man and nature to explore the myths and realities of the Bible.

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