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Anchors of Apostle Paul’s Shipwreck Video on Footsteps of Paul Cruise June 2014

Our Christian Footsteps of Paul Bible cruise June 2014 and October 2014 features a private extension tour to see the anchors of Apostle Paul’s shipwreck outlined in Acts 27 and 28.Our guest speaker, Bob Cornuke of BASE Institute and Chuck Holton of CBN created the following video in regards to BASE Institute’s research.

Bob Cornuke worked on the project for a number of years.The island of Malta has proud traditions of the Apostle Paul and we will be spending time with divers, their families and some of the collectors of Biblical artifacts. The private tour on Malta is limited to 38 participants due to the access we will have to various sites and locations. Our visit to Malta takes place after the Bible cruise that takes place on the Azamara Journey, which is a small luxury ship. The tour includes visits to Istanbul, Ephesus, Athens, Corinth, Cencherea, Rhodes, Cos (Kos) and Patmos. There is also an optional tour to Israel that is offered. The cruise and tour is in tandem with Frank Turek of Cross Examined.

Living Passages operates Christian cruises and tours in tandem with teachers and itineraries that will expand your knowledge of the Bible. Join us!

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