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Why are Jews Forbade from Walking Under Rome’s Arch of Titus?

The answer lies, in the often missed, small and obscure, 1900-year-old plaque, on the second floor of the nearby Roman Coliseum. The plaque identifies the Roman Coliseum as having been built by 20,000 Jewish Slaves that were brought to Rome by Titus less than a generation from the date that Jesus foretold the destruction.  Our Christian cruises and Rome tours come prepared with an accurate history of this memorial to Rome’s history with both the Bible’s accuracy and that of Josephus.  Our privately led tour, with an expert historian, begins just a few hundred feet away at the Arch of Titus.  Many tourists on their way to see the iconic Coliseum, unknowingly pass by the Arch of Titus. The detail on the Arch of Titus show the Menorah and other temple treasures. Some see it as just another beautiful work in this “Eternal City”. But for those of us who love The Word and God’s work, know that it holds a special place in our hearts as further documentation of His glory revealed in archeology.

In 70 A.D., Titus besieged and captured Jerusalem, just as was foretold by our Savior King, Jesus.  He completely destroyed the Second Temple and was then awarded the triumphal arch to commemorate his victory. Only recently, was another Arch of Titus discovered, buried in Circus Maximus. Another tour visit for our groups is to walk through the grounds of Circus Maximus, known as the largest chariot grounds in the Mediterranean.  It was also the place of numerous persecutions and deaths of Early Christian or “Way” followers.  We hope to see you on one of our Christian cruises and tours that visit these amazing sites.

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