Visit Ancient Biblical Art Sites in Rome Showing Evidence of Christ

Our Rome Christian Bible study tours include a visit to see the first known use of Christ’s crucifixion in biblical art.

It is lovely that the Apostles and early converts focused on the resurrection so much that the cross was not used in the Early Church until around 430AD.  A nondescript church in Rome shows the first use of the cross.  We will visit the church and see it first-hand.  The church was originally built in about 430AD at the site of Sabina’s home, a woman beheaded when she accepted Christ as her personal savior. The doors are original depictions of Bible stories from this time.

In addition, for those willing to walk about 20 minutes uphill, we will see another early piece of biblical art done in graffiti of a crucifixion thought to be of Christ.  There will be fantastic teaching surrounding this piece and its significance to Roman attitudes at that time.

Of course, we will visit the famed Catacombs which are home to the earliest paintings of Paul, John, Peter and Jesus other Apostles too.

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