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Adventure Travel & Christian Educational Travel

Living Passages specializes in Christian adventure travel and educational travel to destinations from the Bible.  Biblical archaeological discoveries have been made around the world that prove the Bible is accurate and true. Today, many of these discoveries can be seen throughout Africa, Europe and Asia on specialized adventure and educational expeditions like you'll find below. People of all ages are often amazed at how seeing sites from the Bible can deepen faith and bring the Bible to life in a new and exciting way. Bible adventure travel and educational travel is family-friendly but also popular among retired Christians and couples seeking an unforgettable retreat. These expeditions combine luxury accommodations with elements that promote adventure and learning such as safaris, cultural experiences, exclusive exploration tours, expert local guides and hands-on experiences.


Martin Luther Reformation Tour
This educational travel tour to Germany and Switzerland highlights Martin Luther and the Reformation. Travel May 31 - June 12, 2016 with an optional extension to Prague. Join Dr. and Rebecca Lutzer of The Moody Church on an extraordinary tour of Reformation sites in Europe.


Ark of The Covenant Expedition
This Christian adventure travel tour in Ethiopia, September 14-26 2016 with an optional extension through September 28, will visit unique site in Axum where the Ark of the Covenant is believed to be located today. Stay in exotic, boutique hotels overlooking the beautiful African landscape. Experience the culture and Biblical sites of Ethiopia on this truly once in a lifetime tour.


Book of Exodus Exploration
This exploration of the Book of Exodus in Egypt is February 8 - 18, 2017. You'll visit unique sites including, The pyramids in Cairo, Egyptian Museums, Hanging Church, City of the Dead, Elephantine Island, Tombs of the Nobles, Luxor, Red sea snorkel or scuba, Solomon’s Column, Sinai, Aswan, Goshen and more. Biblical Adventure travel at its greatest!


Genesis Creation Tour & Safari
This Faith-Based Creation tour and safari takes place in exotic South Africa! It will enrich your families Christian beliefs as well as provide plenty of adventure and cultural emersion.  Throughout this exciting trip, you will learn from Bible-based creation teachings while experiencing the culture and wildlife of South Africa.

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