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Christian Tour of The Temple Mount in Jerusalem

Christian Israel Tour Temple Mount Dig Certificate
Christian Israel Tour Temple Mount Dig Certificate

Our authentic Israel Tours to the Holy Land feature a unique sifting project and Christian tour of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Ancient Temple Mount at Site of King Solomon’s Stable

On our tours, we are able to sift through the rubble from a highly contentious construction project that has taken place at the site of King Solomon’s stables. The Temple Mount rubble from this project has been moved to Mt. Scopus by a creative archaeologist! It is here that we have an informative teaching and then get to learn how archaeologists systematically sift debris. The rubble thus far has produced numerous amazing finds. The most impressive find is clay seal of the name Ge’aliyahu, son of Immer – who is the temple official mentioned in Jeremiah 20! In addition, there have been numerous coins from 70AD – the time of the destruction of the second temple and a Jewish coin with Hebrew words that say “Freedom of Zion”. The archaeologist led sifting project is very informative and provides a glimpse into the life of those who have hope in a future temple.

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