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Corinth Bible Tour – The Bema

See Where Paul Took a Stand For Jesus on Our Corinth Bible Tour

Our Corinth Bible tours on our “Footsteps of Paul” Christian cruises spend quality study time on the period after Paul had spent 18 months in the city of Corinth. At that time, the Jews were able to convince the then pro-consul, Gallio, to charge him with various crimes that they deemed to be criminal.  The place of the important Bema exists today and we will have an opportunity to meet and study at the site together. This site is a platform where Paul was made to stand and where the charges were brought against him.  Praise God that Gallio saw through the charges and found that it was a dispute the Jews had of Jewish law and were not of a criminal nature. The ruler of the synagogue at that time was Sosthenes who was later beaten.  Sosthenes in 1 Corinthians 1:1 is also called Paul’s friend.  We will also clearly see the entrance to this same synagogue during our Corinth Bible Tour.  Check out these 2016 itineraries that include Corinth!

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