Our Christian cruises to Greece will visit Corinth, the town where Paul made tents with his “fellow laborers” Priscilla and Aquila in the Book of Acts.

Our Greece Christian cruises will be spent understanding the life of Paul and his converts and friends.  We will walk the agora or marketplace of the city. It is here that Paul, Priscilla and Aquila worked as tentmakers.  The tents were most likely important because the city of Corinth hosted something similar to our Olympic games during that time, called the Isthmian games. The sale of the tents created the finance Paul needed for his ministry. These Isthmian games brought thousands of guests to the city for musical, physical, oratorical and intellectual competitions.  It was due to these crowds of available guests that afforded Paul the occasions to speak and teach in the agora, the synagogue and finally the place of the Bema platform where the pro-consul dismissed the charges against Paul. Our day in Corinth is one of most blessed because we will be able to see firsthand the places Paul mentions from his important time there.  View our upcoming “Footsteps of Paul” cruises now!

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