Promise Keepers Exodus Cruise 2021 | Saudi Arabia, Jordan & Red Sea

With Promise Keepers: Dr. Robert Cornuke, Ken Harrison, Vance Day

From $5,349 per person

February 14-22, 2021 | Jabal al-Lawz Adventure Extension: February 17, 2021 | Israel Pre-Tour: February 11-15, 2021 | Jordan Post-Tour: February 21-24, 2021

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Tour Leaders:

Promise Keepers: Dr. Robert Cornuke, Ken Harrison, Vance Day


Jordan, Red Sea & Arabia, Saudi Arabia


Visit Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the Red Sea with Promise Keepers on an inspiring and a faith building Exodus Luxury Cruise in 2021!


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A small Biblical cruise of Exodus magnitude! We will be sailing to the places the Israelites placed their feet, including Midian, Land of Jethro, Jabal al Lawz, Elim, Al Bad, Paran, Seir, Kadesh Barnea, Aroer, Heshbon, the Arnon, touching both Moab and Edom to Mount Nebo – the Exodus Route! Experience all this under the guidance of the rich Biblical texts. 

This is a luxury, privately chartered small ship, where you will enjoy the intimacy of being together with like-minded believers in a trip that has never been done before! We will spend time in fellowship and worship together, enjoy incredible teachings, delight in superb continental and Mediterranean cuisine, all in luxurious ambiance – topped off by visual Biblical archaeological sites! 

The price begins at $5,349 per person with an air add-on of only $1,495 from New York/JFK. We have business class air add-ons as well. Space is very limited. We hope you can join us in this chance of a lifetime itinerary!   


Looking to take a more adventurous route in the wilderness? Our Saudi Arabia Adventure Extensions offer an alternative path designed for more active tour participants!

The options below will highlight Moses’ time in the land of Midian and the Exodus crossing sites. Explore the real Mount Sinai by hiking and camping along the same route Moses may have taken. Scuba dive or snorkel in the Red Sea off the coast of Arabia and investigate the crossing sites for yourself.

Partake in classic fellowship and learning at the main sites throughout the tour and add extra activities as desired! If you enjoy an activity level different from your spouse or travel companion, you can both choose different activities. Choose the adventure that’s perfect for you!

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Diving & Snorkeling

• Explore the beautiful Red Sea by diving or snorkeling.

• Dive at the mouth of the Wadi Tayyib which leads to the Nuweiba crossing.

• Dive and explore the Straits of Tiran near Egypt.


Hiking Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia

Hiking & Climbing

• Overnight camping at the base of the Split Rock of Horeb.

• Hike to Elijah’s Cave. Hike, boulder, and climb to the 70 Elders’ Plateau.

• Overnight camping on the summit plateau of Jabal al-Lawz.

• Bouldering and climbing to the blackened peak of Jabal al-Lawz.

To access the detailed day-to-day itinerary and tour details, please request a travel brochure.

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  • Visits to Biblical Destinations Including: Saudi Arabia, Jordan & the Red Sea!

  • Luxury Accommodations

  • Private Tours

  • All Meals

  • Optional Round-Trip Air from New York JFK

  • All Air Taxes, Fuel Surcharges, & Port Taxes

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PromiseKeepers LivingPassages Tours Saudi Arabia
  • February 14-22, 2021
  • Detailed Itinerary By Request Only
  • Please request a brochure in order to access the full day-to-day itinerary and tour details.

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Vance Day

President, Promise Keepers
Colorado Springs, Colorado

ance Day is a modern-day profile in courage who strongly believes in helping to raise a generation of leaders equipped to address an ever-changing world.
A descendant of Oregon Trail pioneers, he was born and raised in the Willamette Valley. He attained the rank of Eagle Scout and went on to graduate magna cum laude from Warner Pacific University in 1984. Vance studied Biblical Historiography at the Institute of Holy Land Studies in Jerusalem and Public Policy at Regent University before earning his Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from Willamette University College of Law in 1991.
An accomplished trial lawyer and a member of the Oregon State Bar, the United States District Court (Oregon & Colorado), the United States Court of Appeals (9th Circuit), and the United States Supreme Court, The Court of International Trade, The United States Tax Court, The Court of Federal Claims, and the US Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces, he has tried over 300 bench and jury trials.
Vance has lectured on military history and leadership theory at The White House, before members of Congress, the Heritage Foundation, the United States Military Academy at West Point, and numerous organizations and educational institutions in North America and Europe.
Between May of 2010 and August of 2011 Day served as a Circuit Judge Pro Tempore in the State of Oregon. In September 2011 Mr. Day was appointed by Governor John Kitzhaber to serve as a Circuit Court Judge in the Third Judicial District. Judge Day was elected to a full six-year term in November of 2012.
In 2012, Judge Day and his wife received a $400,000 grant from the Federal court to start a veteran’s treatment court in Salem, Oregon. The goal of these innovative courts was to target the root causes of veterans’ criminal behavior through a program tailored to address their needs that is created by the prosecutor, the defense attorney, the judge, other veterans, treatment providers, mentors, and support teams. While Day was running the program, there was a zero rate of recidivism.
As one of the veterans said,
“Judge Day did, you know, he stepped up, created this court. And in the beginning, they were—they weren’t even getting paid for it. And I just love him. I think he’s a great judge.”
Another veteran put it more simply,
“I don’t know how much more I can say. I mean he saved my life, you know.”
In 2014 Judge Day, based on his Christian convictions, quietly recused himself from marrying same-sex couples—a decision that in no way prevented same-sex couples from getting married. As a result, he became the focus of a sustained, vicious attack. In October 2018, the house of cards constructed against Vance collapsed when the State’s criminal case was dismissed.
Judge Day has been married to his best friend for 33 years. They have three adult children and live in Oregon.

Ken Harrison Promise Keepers

Ken Harrison

Chairman and CEO, Promise Keepers
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Ken is the chairman and CEO of Promise Keepers. Ken’s mission is to provide executive leadership and strategic direction to the ministry while inspiring men to be bold, humble and ambitious about their faith.

Harrison also serves as CEO of WaterStone, a Christian Community Foundation that gives away over $1 million per week to build God’s Kingdom. He started his career as an LAPD street cop in the notorious Watts/Compton area. There he received numerous commendations and awards.

Ken then spent nearly two decades in the commercial real estate arena both nationally and internationally. After successfully building and growing his company, he sold the majority interest to Colliers International, the second largest commercial real estate company in the world. He stayed on as CEO of U.S. valuation and chair of international valuation.

Harrison is a Colson Fellow and has served on numerous local and national boards, including FCA, Colorado Uplift, Urban Youth Ministries, Corban University and WaterStone.

An author and corporate speaker, Harrison has appeared on numerous media outlets including, The Huckabee Show, “Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk” and The 700 Club. With a long record of dedicated service to ministry, Harrison leads Bible studies locally and participated in missions trips to Mexico, South Africa, Haiti, and the Philippines. He is the author of Rise of the Servant Kings: What the Bible Says about Being a Man, available wherever books are sold.

He has been married to his wife  for 29 years and they have three children.

Biblical Explorer Bob Cornuke

Dr. Robert Cornuke

Biblical Investigator,
Monument, CO

Dr. Robert Cornuke, a former FBI trained police investigator and SWAT team member is now a Biblical investigator, international explorer, and best-selling author with a compilation of eleven books. He has participated in over seventy international expeditions searching the world-over for lost locations described in the Bible. These journeys include searching for the real Mount Sinai in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, exploring in Turkey along with Apollo Fifteen Astronaut Jim Irwin for the remains of Noah’s ark, following ancient Assyrian and Babylonian flood accounts in Iran, and tracking the Ark of the Covenant from Israel to Egypt, and across the Ethiopian highlands. Off the coast of Malta his research team found the probable location of Paul’s shipwreck, more specifically the accounting of all four anchors as described in Acts 27. His latest extensive research efforts have been in Israel in search of the true Temple site of Herod along with the actual location of Golgotha.

Dr. Cornuke has appeared on the CBS television special Ancient Secrets of the Bible, NBC’s Dateline, MSNBC, Fox, ABC, History Channel, Good Morning America, CNN, Travel Channel, National Geographic, Ripley’s Believe It or Not and was the host for the Gutsy Christianity cable television show which ran for two seasons on the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) network. He has traveled across Afghanistan during US bombing strikes on a video and photographic assignment and served as a Captain in the Air Academy Composite Squadron, Colorado Wing Rocky Mountain Region of the Civil Air Patrol. Robert is a special advisor to the National Council on Bible Curriculum for Public Schools, adjunct professor for Louisianan Baptist University, and and sits on the Academic Advisory Board for the for the Koinonia Institute.

Dr. Cornuke was given the great honor of being recommended to be the next United States Ambassador to Ethiopia by Dr. Ben Carson in a letter Letter to President Donald Trump. He was invited by the Presidents staff to conduct a Bible study at the White House under George W. Bush and has lectured nationally and internationally to thousands of audiences. His children however claim that his most notable accomplishment, to date, is having his name as a question on a trivial pursuit card.”

Dr. Cornuke earned his Ph.D. in Bible and Theology from Louisiana Baptist University.

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We will be sailing on a small luxury ship measuring in at 178’ long and 24’ wide. With the ability to sail the Mediterranean Sea, transit the Suez Canal, and visit the Red Sea ports in Saudi Arabia and through the Strait of Tiran, this sailing is sure to impress.

The ship is fully staffed and will hold 42 passengers plus a crew of 19 to 24.  Though the ship does not have balcony cabins, it does have luxury cabins with queen beds or two lower beds, depending on your choice of cabin. The ship has 3 passenger decks (plus crew decks) allowing for plenty of space to enjoy our time cruising along the Mediterranean, Red Sea, and Sinai shores.

Exodus Cruise Deck Plans

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