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Christian Ethiopia Tour in September of 2016

This Ethiopia tour is specially designed for those with an interest in the richness of this Judaic-Christian country – with seemingly unnoticed rich archeology. On our Ethiopia tours,  you will have special access to people and places generally beyond the reach of most visitors. You will start by being a part of a two-thousand-year-old celebration as in King David’s time, attended by thousands of pilgrims who journeyed for miles, many on bare feet. The Ethiopia tour will give each of you an idea from their Judaic history – both from an archeological and cultural perspective. You will be amazed at the First Temple traditions that are being played out even today. On your visit to Ethiopia, you will learn of how this country is tied into the Israel of today and its promise of the future hope. Tour dates are September 14 - 26, 2016 with an optional extension that returns on September 28, 2016.

Space is limited as we can only take 24 people, which is 6 Land Rovers plus all our gear. Reserve your space now, just $3851 plus airfare. There is an extension to Lake Hayk and the Bati Camel market on the end of the trip. That extension adds $1,399 to the trip.


        • A Rift Valley safari with animal viewings including baboon, spotted hyaena, mountain nyala, rock hyrax, guereza colobus, warthog, hippo, crocodile and many endemic birds!
        • Luxurious stay at the Italian owned Gheralta Lodge with 2 days of hiking into the ancient rock churches of Tigray. See ancient paintings of Christ, the angels Gabriel and Michael, Melchezidik, Abraham, Isaac and the Apostles. In the last year, both George and Barbara Bush and the Clinton’s visited the churches via helicopter. They are mysterious, hidden and highly prized by archeologists and adventurers!
        • We will also visit one of the eight wonders of the world, the UNESCO Judeo-Christian rock-hewn complex of Lalibela. You will see buildings thought to be carved by angels. Our new lodge commands a view of the rift valley and hundreds of miles of rock formations. The chef at this lodge is a fun New Orleans trained Jamaican Rastafarian right in the heart of Christian Ethiopia.
        • Special visit to Garima to see the newly discovered Garima Gospels – the world’s oldest Christian manuscript with paintings. The monastery also has the Book of Enoch and other treasures. While we are near Garima we will visit the Temple at Yeha, thought to be a Jewish building from the time of the Queen of Sheba – it has a mikveh and incense burners with many Sabean writings.
      • The men will be able to climb into the 6th century monastery, Debre Damo via leather ropes. The ladies will be in a village learning about gleaning, ancient threshing practices still done today and Biblical harvest principles.
      • Visit the UNESCO-registered Christian city of Axum, home of the world’s tallest steles, church of the Ark of the Covenant, Queen of Sheba’s Bath and the Tomb of Bazen (one of the wise men from Christ’s birth).
      • We will travel by boat all day on Lake Tana (second largest lake in Africa), on a unique trip to a remote island called Tana Kirkos, that had been highlighted by numerous global research teams that were enthused after Robert Cornuke of BASE Institute showcased the sites in his books and videos. We’ll see the altar where the Ark of the Covenant was kept plus its Levitical sacrificial implements and tools. Then, stop at ancient monasteries and fishing villages that are still using ancient fishing and drying practices to this day!
      • Hike the the majestic Blue Nile Falls plus, have a private hippo safari on the Nile, see ancient mummies and top it off with Nile Perch fishing! Here at Bahir Dar we will stay in a lovely lodge on the lake with fine dining and spa facilities. Bahir Dar is the wedding spot for African couples.
        • A special visit in Gondar with the Ethiopian Bete-Israel (black Jews of Africa) and the group responsible for the flight operations that airlifted 23,000 Black Jewish Ethiopians to Israel during Project Moses and Operation Solomon
        • Optional, deluxe, camping safari to the mysterious Lake Hayk and the joyous festival of the “True Cross”(Meskal) with its 300,000 worshipping attendees that will be chanting and singing praises through the night.
        • Optional visit to Bati and the camel markets. The camels and their owners come all the way in from Dallol and the Dannakil Depression – hottest place on earth, to sell salt and trade camels, this will be like something from another world. This is not a tourist destination and will be an exciting visit. They live in a culture that is thousands of years old and still use salt today as their currency.
        • We will see and celebrate a Christian festival called the finding of the “True Cross” or Meskal during this amazing four wheel drive adventure.

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