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African Christian Tour follows Travel Channel’s Expedition Unknown with Explorer Bob Cornuke

In March of 2017, the Travel Channel’s Expedition Unknown  took a journey to Christian Africa on the trail of the Ark of the Covenant. Following adventurer Josh Gates, Expedition Unknown traveled to Ethiopia where Josh met up with Biblical archaeologist and explorer Bob Cornuke. Searching for clues, Bob led Josh to some of the most remarkable places in Ethiopia and helped explain the country’s deep, historical connections to the Ark of the Covenant. Ethiopian authorities claim the Ark resides in the country to this day, and Bob took Expedition Unknown to some of Ethiopia’s most important locations in an effort to investigate the claims. Together, Bob Cornuke and Josh Gates got to examine never before seen evidence and visit places where very few travelers ever set foot. Journeying by boat to the Ethiopian island of Tana Qirqos (the site where the Ark of the Covenant is thought to have rested for hundreds of years) Josh and Bob saw the artifacts that the Ethiopians believe were used by the Jewish High Priest when worshiping over the Ark. Along with the island of Tana Qirqos, Expedition Unknown also traveled to the city of Axum, where the Ethiopian officials say the Ark is now kept at St. Mary’s of Zion Church. In Axum, Bob introduced Josh Gates to the “Guardian of the Ark of the Covenant”, the only person who is considered holy enough to be in the Ark’s presence and whose sole occupation is to sit and pray by the Ark of the Covenant.

As expert in Ark of the Covenant history and lore, explorer Bob Cornuke played a major role in Josh Gates’ hunt for the Ark. While the true resting place of the Ark of the Covenant may never be revealed, Bob holds firm to his belief that the Ethiopian claims are indeed true.

Would you like to see for yourself? Then join Bob for another expedition for the Ark of the Covenant as he returns to Ethiopia in January of 2018! Travel to the city of Axum, the Blue Nile Falls, Lalibela, and the holy island of Tana Qirqos as you explore the legends of the Ark and see the wonders and mysteries of Ethiopia with the one and only Bob Cornuke himself!

Read the tale of Bob’s hunt for the Ark of the Covenant in his explosive book, Relic Quest (Legend Chaser)


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