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Footsteps of Paul Cruise – April 2015

This cruise has expired. Living Passages will have more Christian Cruises & Reformation tours coming soon!

This cruise is April 15-26, 2015 with an optional extension through April 29. It will include visits to Rome, Syracuse, Malta, Olympia, Corinth, Cencherea, Athens, Hydra, Monemvasia & Mykonos.

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Embark on a Footsteps of Paul Christian cruise that is tailor-made for you. This life-changing experience will delight your senses and encourage your faith as you explore the wonders of early Christianity in the beauty of the Mediterranean.  The voyage begins with an extensive visit to Valletta and the island of Malta, then through the areas of the Mediterranean where the Apostle Paul journeyed. We start with Greece, its islands, the coast of Italy and finally ending at Corinth and Athens.  Both of which are considered the most impressive sights that document Paul’s ministry in Macedonia. Our ship is a luxury tall sail vessel with the sailing ability to have unique afternoons where we will have the time to fully experience the Mediterranean and what Paul experienced sailing these same seas.  The ship is intimate and inviting and provides areas for us to have fellowship and teachings. Our Footsteps of Paul cruises include airfare, cruise fees, tours and more. Our trip will end in Athens, with the opportunity to extend to Philippi, Thessaloniki and Berea. Here’s a taste of what we’ve been planning:

DayItinerary at a Glance
April 15Depart home cities
April 16Malta
April 17Apostle Paul’s anchors, Inquisitors sites, Rabat, Paul’s cave, special dinner
April 18Old City, board ship
April 19Syracuse, Sicily and its ruins
April 20At sea
April 21Katakolon, Greece and a tour of Mt. Olympus
April 22Stone settlement of Monevasia, Greece
April 23Mykonos and optional tour of the Synagogue and seat of Moses
April 24Hydra, lovely no car island!
April 25Athens, Mars Hill, Acropolis, Parthenon, Corinth, Cencherea & more!
April 26Flights home (those not doing extension)
Extension (April 26 – April 29)
April 26Kalambaka, Meteroa, Berea
April 27Phillipi and Kavalla
April 28Thessaloniki
April 29Home bound

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April 15Depart your home cities.
April 16Valetta, Malta:
We will be transferred to our lovely hotel overlooking the magnificent harbor. We will walk together to the old city for a casual dinner at a pizzeria. Evening is at leisure.
April 17Malta:
From Valletta, we’ll take a short journey to visit the Inquisitors Palace in the Old City and then the bayside, old Maritime Museum adjacent to a bustling marina to see the recently discovered and recovered anchor of the shipwreck of Paul from Acts 27. We will meet for lunch today for a lively discussion with our local friends and the divers who assisted in finding the anchors. After lunch we drive on to the old city of Rabat. Here we will visit the cave where the Apostle Paul lived. We will learn about and actually see firsthand the impact the early church and Paul made on this precious island. Malta to this day continues to thrive as a Christian-dedicated country and has a fascinating history regarding World War II. This evening we will have dinner with our local friends and discussion on the work being done by Global worldwide.
April 18You will have a leisurely morning to explore the marina and Old City. After breakfast we will meet for a teaching on the Apostle Paul. We will travel together to the ship and set sail out of this harbor. Be prepared for one of the most awesome sights imaginable. Wind permitting, we may hoist the sails along with a drink of champagne to toast our voyage. We will have our first dinner together tonight aboard our ship.
April 19Syracuse, Sicily:
We arrive at Syracuse, Sicily. Paul’s amazing journey to Rome involved the visit at Syracuse. “And landing at Syracuse, we tarry there three days” (Acts 28:12). We have a half day tour with plenty of time to shop for Italian delicacies and enjoy the lovely beaches.
April 20At Sea:
We will be at sea all day to enjoy teachings, the spa and praise and worship together. Our teachings will be spread sporadically over the day as we cross Ionian Sea.
April 21Katakolon, Greece:
We arrive at Katakolon in Greece. We take a tour of Olympia today to understand Greek Mythology and how it came into existence. After the tour you are welcome to join us on a walk around the marina area and shops! The ship departs this evening.
April 22Monemvasia, Greece:
Monemvasia, founded by the Byzantines in the sixth century, is a breathtaking medieval fortress town that is, in fact/ an island that is only accessible by a causeway bridge from the mainland (or by boat, of course)! Take the opportunity to explore the stone-built settlement, nestled at the edge of a big rock by the sea – the so-called “Gibraltar of the East” – and immerse yourself in a unique medieval atmosphere! Today, you will visit the sites on your own, or you can register for a culinary style tour while aboard ship.
April 23Mykonos, Greece (Optional excursion to Delos):
Enjoy some time on the cosmopolitan, yet serene island of Mykonos exploring some early Christian sites OR
Join a full day optional excursion to the island of Delos to visit the excavated synagogue known as the Seat of Moses and also the site of the Epistle of James. This tour visits Delos via a boat trip. If you take this tour it will also allow you free time on Mykonos to about 1 hour.
April 24Hydra, Greece:
A lovely afternoon and evening will be spent on Hydra where motorized vehicles are banned and the only mode of public transportation is donkeys! Walk or “ride” through Hydra town’s narrow cobblestoned streets, secluded squares and take in amazing views of the Aegean or take up any one of the myriad water sports offered on the local beaches.
April 25Athens, Greece:
Arrive in the port city of Piraeus outside of Athens, disembark the ship and have a teaching at Mars, walk up the Acropolis for a tour of this ancient area, a UNESCO World Heritage site with its famous Parthenon. Later in the day we visit the ancient site at Corinth, including the seat of judgment (bema) where Paul faced the court. We will also go to the beach landing site at Cencherea on the Aegean Sea for a quiet time of reflecting on Paul and why he took a Nazarite vow from this location. “So Paul still remained a good while. Then he took leave of the brethren and sailed for Syria, and Priscilla and Aquila were with him. He had his hair cut off at Cenchrea, for he had taken a vow” (Acts 18:18). When we visit Corinth we will stop at the canal for an up-close look at how it works even today. Enjoy a farewell dinner in the Plaka, or Old City, of Athens this evening.
April 26Depart for Home.
Extension (April 26 – April 29)
April 26Berea, Macedonia:
We will say goodbye to those flying home today and we will travel to Kalambaka and visit the monastery of Meteora. We will visit the monastery made famous by the James Bond 007 movie where even today, monks enjoy their hermit lifestyle. After lunch, we drive to Berea. We will visit the steps of the ancient synagogue location where Paul taught. We will study the Berean church, Acts 20 and 17, learn about Timothy and Silas and their time there and we will see frescos of a 12th Century church. At one time the community of Berea had over 100 early church sites. We spend one evening at a hotel near the unique monasteries.
April 27Philippi:
Today, we travel to the lovely port town of Kavalla on the Mediterranean. This is ancient Neapolis where Paul, Silas and Timothy landed. It is also here that Lydia became the first European convert to Christianity. You will be able to see the cistern of Philippi where Paul was imprisoned, and we will enjoy a lively study together at the site of the prison itself. Our hotel for the next two nights will be in the city of Thessalonika.
April 28Thessaloniki:
You will have the opportunity to sleep late this morning and enjoy the neighborhood around the hotel. We will visit the ramparts of the city and visit the agora, followed by a nice farewell dinner this evening.
April 29Flights Home.


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