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These are the two most perfect Israel Tours in 2020

There is always something to see in Israel. From the Temple Mount, to Nazareth, and down to the Dead Sea, the wonders of the Holy Land have fascinated travelers for thousands of years. Those who have been to Israel themselves, understand the draw of the breathtaking landscape and ancient structures. But more important than the external highlights are the truths that have been buried beneath Israel’s historic ground. Every year, more discoveries are made that reveal the historic integrity of Scripture, and now, you can be a part of it! Here are two fantastic Israel tours in 2020 that you can join for an in-depth look at the Holy Land:

  • Luxury Tour of Israel with Frank Turek and Eli Shukron

Looking for something geared toward the intrepid Berean?

Imagine -- relaxing by the waters of the Sea of Galilee, staying in the most elite desert oasis hotels, and cruising around in four-wheel-drive expeditions to the most exclusive Biblical archaeology digs rarely seen by outsiders!

This landmark journey was specially crafted for the elegant adventurer!

Personally learn from Frank Turek, one of the most acclaimed Christian apologist of our time and our special guide for this adventure!

Spend quality time with the world-renowned Israeli archaeologist Eli Shukron as we explore the most impressive discoveries in modern Biblical archaeology on the most exciting Israel tour in 2020!

View the full itinerary now!

  • Israel Highlights and Biblical Archaeology Tour with Eli Shukron

Who says affordable can’t be amazing?

You can spend an ENTIRE WEEK exploring the most exclusive sites in Israel without breaking the bank!

Not only do we visit the most authentic Biblical locations in the Holy Land, but we have exclusive access to the latest archaeological digs, ancient landmarks, and recently discovered artifacts, along with many more select destinations!

You won't find a tour of Israel like this ANYWHERE else!

You'll be guided by Eli Shukron, Jerusalem’s leading archaeologist for over 20 years, who discovered of the Pool of Siloam and the many other recent revelatory discoveries in the world of Biblical archaeology.

Lace up your boots and grab your Bible!

Are you ready for an incredible Biblical adventure in Israel?

View the full itinerary now!

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