Eli Shukron Exploring Cave in Israel
Eli Shukron Exploring a Cave in Israel

Our featured tour guide Eli Shukron was instrumental in the archaeological discovery of Jerusalem’s Pilgrimage Road hidden underneath the City of David!

Exciting findings are still going on in Israel! The main thoroughfare – labeled Jerusalem’s Pilgrim Road – was recently discovered in Israel.  This road was used by pilgrims traveling to the temple during the time of Jesus.  They would use the Pool of Siloam as a mikveh, where they would ritually cleanse themselves, and then take the Pilgrims Road up to the temple. Since the late 1800’s, sections of the road had been discovered, studied, and then reburied for conservation. The road travels through today’s Palestinian neighborhood of Siwan, through Old City Jerusalem, and passes by the Western Wall. You can view the video of the official opening of the Pilgrimage Road and in the video you will hear our friend, Eli Shukron, mentioned. He was instrumental in the recent discovery of this road!

Eli Shukron Explains the Discovery and Lesser-Known Features of the Pilgrimage Road

We are blessed to have one of Israel’s leading archaeologists join us in leading sojourners through the land of Israel. In the last 25 years, Eli has dedicated his life to new discoveries in the City of David. He has been one of the leading experts in Jerusalem antiquity. Along with the Pilgrim Road, Eli has discovered the Pool of Siloam, a rare First Temple tax weight giving insight to ancient temple traditions, and so much more! You can read more about Eli Shukron’s discoveries and his credentials, and see what tours he’s currently leading.

Being led through the City of David by Eli is a special and unique experience! He has tirelessly searched for its hidden treasures of history and has special insight that no other guide can provide. Interested in having Israel’s premier archaeologist guide you through the city of David? Want to see the newly opened Pilgrimage Road?

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