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Grand Canyon Tour 2019 | Russ Miller

With Russ Miller and Rhonda Sand, May 13-18, 2019
with Optional Mount Graham (Sky Island) Pre-Tour May 10-13, 2019

This 5-night/6-day itinerary includes all meals, airport transfers, tours, teachings, hotels and a leisurely water-based trip on the Colorado River. There is an option for a helicopter tour as well. The 6-day tour is ideal for singles, couples and families. It will be a time of enjoying God’s majestic glory in a sun filled, healthy environment. We match roommates if you are a single, or you can pay to have a room alone (for one person). Children are welcome and when joining a room with two adults, the per person price is noted in the pricing section (maximum is 4 people to one room). We have optional trip cancellation and medical protection insurance as well. There are added benefits to including the purchase of this optional insurance with your initial deposit.


  • There is a credit card price and a discounted price when paying cash/check for the tour. You may, if you wish, make your deposit and insurance premium payment by credit card and pay the balance by check. If you choose to do this, we will apply the cash discount to your full cost.
  • Transfers are not included unless you are taking our optional air program. If you make your own flight arrangements or book outside of the optional group air, you will be responsible for obtaining your transfer to and from our starting and ending destinations.
  • Singles: We match roommates! If you are single or traveling alone, we do have others who would like to travel with us without paying the single supplement. We assign roommates approximately two weeks prior to departure. We cannot guarantee it, but it has worked well for many.

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IMPORTANT: You must select an option for Travel Insurance in order to continue. If you do not wish to purchase Travel Insurance, please select "Decline Coverage" from the list of options.

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