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Jethro’s Caves in the Land of Midian: Saudi Arabia Tour

Please review all the important information below BEFORE BOOKING your tour.

Entrance into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is at its infancy, and group space is exceptionally limited. Due to the distinctive nature of this trip itinerary, please take careful note of the specific conditions for travel listed herein.

Important for Acceptance into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

First and foremost: if you have a current passport and have Israeli stamps, you will need to apply for a second passport. It is very easy to do. The passport that you will present cannot have any Israeli arrival/departure stamps in it. Please allow between 3-weeks and 8-weeks to obtain the second passport. It can be obtained faster if you pay expedited fees. Do not wait to book your trip until your second passport arrives. We cannot secure your visa until approximately 60 days prior to our departure.

IMPORTANT: All members of this tour must carry passports valid for at least six months beyond their scheduled date of return. You cannot have an Israeli departure or arrival stamp in your passport (or long term Israeli visa). Most joining members will need to order a secondary passport. It is easy to obtain. The passport you travel under needs to be valid at least through April 22, 2021, or longer if you choose to extend your trip. If you need information regarding obtaining or renewing your passport, contact Living Passages.

Saudi Arabia is a dry country. Alcohol is absolutely forbidden (as are narcotics and pornographic materials). Dress is modest and women do not need to cover their heads. They should wear abayas at all times (which will be provided by the agency in Saudi Arabia the next day after arrival). Be advised that you will be fingerprinted and undergo a retinal scan upon arrival in the country. Also be aware, most places in the Kingdom shut down between noon and 3pm every day, as well as several other times during prayers. Often the group will be returned to the hotel for some free time during these periods. Women do NOT have to cover their hair. In addition, sometimes sites can be closed for unforeseen reasons and authorities can also deny visitation of certain sites without prior notice. The country is undergoing a remarkable restoration and we cannot predict if the site of Madain Saleh will be added to our trip – it is a Nabatean complex similar to Petra.

Important Travel Details:

Our trip is considered active on three of our days. This means that there are some hikes, slightly more demanding walks at certain sites, or in walking to sites. This includes a few elevations, a comfortable but busy schedule, some long rides and extensive drives.

Our lodging is in 4-Star to 5-Star hotels, and one night we are in a luxury camp. All the services meet our high standards and you will be very comfortable and well pleased. We obtain a visa on your behalf approximately 60 days prior to departure.

Your trip includes domestic air within Saudi, hotels include the Tulip Sharma, Hilton Garden Tabuk and Madakhil Camp. It includes all meals and water on entire trip. It includes the 4WD transportation on the one day and all transportation throughout the trip, all entrance fees, guiding, teaching, pre-trip materials and visa assistance. Please note that in addition to the cost of the tour, there is a visa fee and optional trip cancellation insurance. We strongly recommend trip cancellation insurance which includes medical insurance while outside of the USA and trip delay protection.

Important Flight Information:

There is an air block from New York/JFK, or you can purchase your own airfare. If you do purchase your own airfare, please be at the Jeddah airport on October 15, 2019 by 3:00PM. You can schedule your departure out of the KSA after 1:00AM on October 20. The group flight is at 1:40AM. We will not be arranging special transfers within Saudi Arabia due to the nature of this group. It is preferred that you travel with the group if you can. Reissuance of tickets that must be changed or reissued for any reason, may be subject to charges or fees by the carriers and/or other vendors; such fees may be substantial. In the event of cancellations and if you have to fly differently due to unforeseen circumstances (weather, etc.) or take special transfers, costs incurred might be reimbursed by insurance.

Please Note: Transfers are not included unless you are taking our optional air program. If you make your own flight arrangements or book outside of the optional group air, you will be responsible for obtaining your transfer to and from our starting and ending destinations.

Traveling Single:

We match roommates! If you are a single person or traveling alone, we do have others who would like to travel with us without paying the single supplement. We assign roommates approximately 2 weeks prior to departure. We cannot guarantee it, but it has worked well for many.

Terms and Conditions:

Please review the full Terms & Conditions before booking!


Jethro’s Caves in the Land of Midian: Saudi Arabia Tour

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