Eli Shukron, Bob Cornuke & Chuck Missler Discuss New Discoveries with our Living Passages Private Tour Group.

Today, our June Living Passages group will experience first hand some the most significant Biblical discoveries in recent history. Eli Shukron, famous archaeologist and Bob Cornuke, founder of the Bible Archaeology Search and Exploration (B.A.S.E.) Institute and author of new Book “Temple,” will be on site with us to share their recent findings. Our group is joined by Chuck Missler, Biblical author, teacher and evangelist!

As Eli Shukron is walking our group through the underground tunnels in Israel where King David once walked, the scriptures in Second Samuel are coming alive. In the Second Book of Samuel, it is written that King David captured Jerusalem, then under Jebusite control, using a water shaft to penetrate the city’s defenses. Shukron’s 10 million dollar, almost 20 year archaeological excavation finally uncovered these tunnels under the City of David that are just recently being opened to the public for touring. People around Jerusalem would go to these water tunnels to get their water. The fortress was believed to protect the water supply. There is a narrow path leading to the location of the wall where King David would have been able to penetrate the City. Discoveries like this prove the accuracy and truth of the Bible to an unbelieving world! Watch this video of Eli further explaining his find! If you’d like to be part of a teaching like this on site in Israel, view our current Israel Tours, or call today to ask about a private Bible cruise for your church or organization.

 Bob Cornuke is also on site in Israel with our group today! Bob’s Book, “Temple,” is a must read for anyone interested in Biblical archaeology or the prophecy surrounding the rebuilding of the Temple. Popular belief is that Solomon’s Temple was originally built where the Dome of the Rock now stands, but Bob has found evidence that proves otherwise. Using scriptural references found in Joel, Micah, Titus, Matthew and other books of the Bible, Bob explains that Solomon’s Temple was not originally built where the Dome of the Rock now stands but it was in fact built about 1000 feet South of the Dome of the Rock, where the Gihon springs sit. Bob details and supports this claim in his book. Many Christians believe that the Temple must be rebuilt before the coming of Christ, according to prophecy. Watch this video to see what Bob says about this new evidence and its significance regarding prophecy! You can be apart of a teaching like this, on-site in Israel by checking out our various Israel Tours, or call today to ask about a private Bible cruise for your church or organization. Bob’s book, “Temple,” is available at Amazon.com.

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