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Top 10 ultimate Bible destinations

Christian travel experts at Living Passages have chosen the top 10 ultimate Bible destinations around the world. Check out the Bible locations that made the list; most of them are stops on our 2016 Christian tours!

  1. Laodicea: This is one of the most well-preserved cities mentioned in Revelation. Massive ancient theaters and temples have only recently been uncovered, and current excavations continue to unearth significant artifacts. Because of its scriptural relevance, proximity it Hierapolis and Colossi, and the vast amount of excavated ruins, Laodicea tops our list this season.
  2. The City of David: Eli Shukron’s discovery of underground tunnels under the City of David has made this site an exciting teaching location. Mentioned in the Second Book of Samuel, it is written that King David, using a water shaft to penetrate the city’s defenses, captured Jerusalem which was under Jebusite control.  When you add the elements of Robert Cornuke’s findings in his recent book “Temple”, the old site is a real standout! Our Israel Tour in June 2016 gives you an expert insight into this historical location.
  3. Petra, Jordan: This ancient city is believed to be that which was spoken about in Luke 21:21-22 which says, “Then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains, let those in the city get out, and let those in the country not enter the city. For this is the time of punishment in fulfillment of all that has been written.” Petra’s remains include beautiful structures carved in the mountains. The Biblical significance and architectural beauty make Petra a top teaching destination.
  4. East Bank: The East Bank in Israel is only highlighted by a few Bible teachers.  It’s proximity to the Jordan river provides a great teaching opportunity because its location hosts the site of Jesus baptism, Joshua’s crossing, Elijah’s ascension, the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah,  Adam and much more.
  5. Ephesus: As a church in Revelation and one of the churches Paul writes to in the new testament, Ephesus is of great significance. All the churches of Revelation could be reached by passing through Ephesus and it is possible that the Book of John was written here. The ruins in Ephesus create a wonderful backdrop for exploring the Biblical passages surrounding this historical city.  Ephesus remains a favorite.
  6. Island of Patmos: John the apostle received the book of Revelation on the Greek Island of Patmos.  Teachers can take time outside of the cave where he lived to teach on points from Revelation. The bright houses and lush landscape add to the appeal of Patmos making it a favorite for teaching among many.
  7. Jabal Al Lawz, Egypt: Based on various passages in the old testament, Biblical scholars have proposed that this is the location where the Israelite encampment was in the time of Moses.  Visiting Egypt to gaze at this blackened mysterious mountain top would be a real treat for those who want to experience more than the typical Biblical tour has to offer.
  8. Avaris, Egypt: This location was once the capital of Egypt in the ancient Land of Goshen.  It is also the location of the Nile Delta, City of Ramses and Joseph’s storehouses. It’s unique continuous culture is in the forefront this year after the many new movies, including Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus.  You will be pleasantly surprised at what remains of Joseph’s time there and the Hebrew slaves. We offer this unique experience in our 2016 tours of Egypt.
  9. Machaerus, Jordan: This is where John the Baptist was imprisoned and eventually beheaded, believed to have been around 32 AD after the Passover.  This significant city overlooks the Dead Sea and provides plenty of interesting Biblical information for teachers to uncover and understand with its proximity to Herod and Rome.
  10. Island of Miletus: Although Miletus is located only 38 miles from Patmos, it is often overlooked on Bible cruises and tours.  In Acts 20:17 it says, “Now from Miletus he sent to Ephesus and called the elders of the church to come to him.” Miletus is a must see and the perfect place to do a study in the Book of Acts.

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