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June 6-15, 2023

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Living Passages & David Rives


South Africa


Travel on an inspiring educational safari to South Africa where Christians can explore the Bible and the Genesis account of creation on vacation! This educational South African safari tour in 2023 is packed full of exciting spiritual adventure. This creation tour allows you to get up close to some of the most amazing animals God has created while studying the Biblical account of creation.

Enjoy interacting with the South African wildlife and fellowship with other Christians. This trip offers unique experiences for grandparents, parents, and kids alike! Grow together in some of the most inspiring reservations on earth! Camp in the Waterberg Savannah Biosphere Reserve, where you’ll enjoy teaching on Noah’s flood while exploring incredible evidence throughout the landscape.

We hope you can join us on this amazing adventure!

Accommodation Choices:

Accommodation choices will depend on if you are traveling as a couple, coming alone as a single, or as a family. We have darling grass-roofed chalet lodges for the main group of couples, and singles or very small families. Then, if there is a larger family, you can choose from an authentic tented camp experience with your own private fire pits, public space for breakfast and board games, or a Dutch-African farm house with various bedrooms and bathrooms. Even though you spend the days with the group, you can have some extra private family time. In all accommodations, all meals, teachings and safaris are a part of the adventure!

For those traveling single, we also match roommates!


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  • Exclusive game drives with private trackers.

  • Creation-based teaching (back to Genesis) in a Christ-centered family atmosphere.

  • Private visit of the Waterberg Savannah Biosphere Reserve.

  • Safaris scheduled early, late afternoon and night for real adventure!

  • Personal elephant interaction in a special game park.

  • Evening astronomy and Biblical heavens teachings.

  • Biblical application while learning of the design of animals, insects and the heavens.

  • Youth and child-age appropriate site visits.

  • Unique menu of top-end activities for all ages during free time, or just indulge in massage and spa treatments, hunting (bow and firearm), fishing, archery, golf course, horseback riding, stargazing, swimming, bush walks, animal feeding, safari, swimming pool, and more!

  • Work in tandem with a small local ministry for a day. They have water projects and children’s health projects all over South Africa and Zambia. We are blessed to partner with them!

  • All Transportation and transfers, along with high-end 4WD safari vehicles on game drives.

  • Optional sunrise balooning safari with an overnight stay.

  • All meals included, as well as all tips and beverages.

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Departure on Airplane
  • June 6
  • Flights Depart
  • Depart your home airport today. If you would like to use our group air, we have special prices and schedules that originate on United Airlines from Newark. Our United nonstop flight departs Newark at 8:45PM. Please plan on being at the Newark airport at least 3 hours prior to departure. (The air add-on is $1,350 per person, including children over the age of 2).

Johannesburg South Africa unsplash
  • June 7
  • Arrive in Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Arrive in Johannesburg at 5:45PM. Transfer to your hotel, the fellowship begins at dinner and then rest up before your adventure awaits you tomorrow!

  • Dinner

cheetah aftrica creation unsplash
  • June 8
  • Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cheetah Center
  • In the morning we will meet our guide and driver to begin our creation journey safari. We will drive approximately an hour to Pretoria, which is the capital of South Africa. Pretoria is a vision of purple, thanks to its plethora of blossoming trees that gave the South African metropolis its nickname: Jacaranda City. The buildings of Pretoria reflect diverse architectural styles and influences, creating a unique, urban landscape. We will start off with a unique opportunity to get up-close-and-personal with some of God’s most majestic cats while visiting the Cheetah Research and Breeding Centre. The name does not fully represent the amazing animals you will encounter during our visit! It will be memorable indeed. Afterwards, we will depart Pretoria and drive toward the Mokopane region, rich in creation evidence. We will arrive at our safari lodge and get settled into our African accommodations. It will be an exciting time to see the amazing lodge, and most likely see animals in the distance! Enjoy a dinner overlooking the Bush.

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

African Safari Jeep with Families
  • June 9
  • First Encounters in the Wild
  • You may sleep in this morning, if you wish, as you will have some free time to explore the lodge and camp. Our early birds can enjoy a pre-breakfast cup of coffee, and take-in a sunrise bush-walk with our game manager, or watch game trackers feed some of the special safari animals nearby.

    After breakfast we will begin our adventures in the wild with an exciting game drive and lunch. What a way to start our days! We will enjoy a hosted lunch inside the private park.  Today will be quite momentous as you see these amazing creatures so close to you. You will see so many versions of antelope and various versions of new unknown mammals.  We will return for a late dinner at our lodge. Each night you have an option for fabulous fellowship around a large fire in our cozy lodge. Feel free to be ready for Q&A as well! David is always a wealth of information.

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

africa creation sunrise animal watching iStock
  • June 10
  • Morning Safari Game Drive
  • Early morning we set out on an exciting adventure to see some real action on the game drive.  Grab a Danish, coffee and piece of fruit – we don’t want to miss a moment as the sun comes up.  Dusk and dawn!  Mornings are always an active time to see the great Big 5 animals.  Midway through our Safari we will stop for breakfast at a beautiful luxury tented lodge. 

    Just after our return, our guests taking the optional Ballooning Safari will depart for their overnight adventure.  The balloon adventure has to take place in a specially permitted park approximately 2 hours from our lodge.  The cost includes all transportation, meals and of course the unique ballooning adventure.  Costs for this option will be sent out to you in March 2023.

    Guests not taking the optional ballooning safari will return just in time for dinner and time together for fellowship. After dark, benefit from a lesson in astronomy and enjoy stargazing at its finest, as we uncover some of the mysteries of God’s creation of the sun, the moon, and the stars.  David has unique expertise in this area, and it should not be missed! 

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Shikwaru Hope Lodge Community Area
  • June 11
  • Safari, Animal Feed, Lodge Activities, Bush Tour
  • Special Sunday morning message and breakfast together with your new family! 

    Enjoy your free time today with some of the lodge’s activities (bush walk!): Go out with the tracker early for a feeding program, book a massage, grab a fishing pole, enjoy a morning or afternoon safari, and then a grand lunch barbeque for fellowship and worship. Afterward, relax or take part in a fun, sports game for all ages. There is a swimming pool onsite although it is open weather permitting.  Also, there is a nice workout facility and plenty of places for scenic reading and quiet time.  At night, our lodge affords a commanding view: We experience the sun as it dips below the horizon, and share the adventure with the fellow believers over fabulous, “African” cuisine. Spend the evening reminiscing with the kids and sharing your favorite stories from the week around a raging fire under the stars.

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Entertaining at school in Africa
  • June 12
  • Ministry Day at the Local School
  • Unique bush-walk for those who want to get up close with the evidence of animals near our camp during the night. 

    We will drive to a precious small school within the local community.  This day will greatly enrich your children’s minds as they come to appreciate some of the many things they can often take for granted. We will return to the lodge, where the children will have the opportunity to enjoy a creative lesson on creation, while adults can join in or enjoy some of the lodge activities alone.

    This evening, we will join together by the fire for a time of worship as we celebrate all that God has given to us.

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

south africa zebras
  • June 13
  • Family Safari Day / Big 5 Game Drive
  • Sleep in this morning if you like, or enjoy a morning walk or Safari at our lodge. Our next adventure will start this afternoon just after lunch when we return for our final game drive and another chance to catch some of the amazing Big 5 gaming activity. Today’s game drive will be one to remember as we drive the park in the evening hours.  We stop for a lovely dinner, and then continue on to watch the sunset on the African plains. We stop for a moment to enjoy the last bits of sunlight and then drive on to catch some of the late-night action that happens in the bush. We return to our lodge late this evening.

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Elephant Encounter
  • June 14
  • Optional Interactive Elephant Encounter
  • Today you have an opportunity for experiencing a hands-on interactive Elephant Reserve. The experience is $399 per person but is included free for all bookings received prior to January 31, 2023. While there, we have a special lunch at a nearby safari lodge.  Here you will also have an opportunity to meander around their grounds, ride a bicycle or rent a 4-wheeler. Then on for a special visit with the elephants. Here you will have an opportunity to touch and feed these amazing, gentle animals. Study their eyes, their feet, their huge toenails and their love for their children. God is so good! Then a special intimate time with the elephants, and an amazing picture experience as the elephants head to their watering hole as the sun sets.  Tonight we will enjoy one last night around the fire as we fellowship, worship and gaze upon the stars and God’s amazing creations above and around us. Those not taking the Elephant Encounter will have time at the Safari Lodge for walks, or a bicycle ride.

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

africa creation safari unsplash
  • June 15
  • Depart Lodge for Johannesburg
  • Sleep in this morning and prepare for your return. This morning we say goodbye to our dear new friends! Have a lovely breakfast together. We will take a return drive back to Johannesburg where we will stop for a late lunch. Drive thru the famous Soweto districts. Time permitting, we will stop at a very unique African artifacts shop. Here you can purchase almost anything Africa! It is almost like a museum. Arrive at the airport at 5:00PM (check-in is at 5:00PM) for our 8:00PM flight. Dinner in the airport or wait until you board your flight. Arrive back to Newark at 5:50AM (same day).

Plane Wing Golden Clouds Itinerary
  • June 15
  • Transfer on to Home Cities
  • Choose flights after 9:00AM with checked luggage or a little shorter if traveling only with carry-on luggage.

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TBN host David Rives

David Rives

Speaker & TV Show Host, Creation in the 21st Century
Lewisburg Tennessee

“In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth…”

David’s documented field experience in astronomy, paleontology and archaeology has made him an in-demand speaker with expert knowledge and his powerful and inspirational delivery makes learning about Bible history and science fun and easy for audiences of all ages.

David’s weekly TV show “Creation in the 21st Century” airs to millions globally on TBN. He is a weekly news columnist on science and the Bible, and is author of the books “Wonders Without Number” and “Bible Knows Best.”

Whether he’s on a documentary shoot at the Grand Canyon, chasing solar eclipses in the Pacific Northwest, rappelling on the cliffs of Qumran, Israel, or digging up Dinosaurs and flood evidences in the field of paleontology, you will be on the edge of your seat learning of David’s latest adventure!

One of his favorite activities is to awe audiences with the incredible accounts of discovery, Biblical accuracy, and creation-based science, and show that each person is “wonderfully made” with purpose – a biological miracle from our Designer, not a product of random chance. David appeals to some of the largest Christian church audiences in the country, but also enjoys interacting and sharing the Gospel with those who might be skeptical. He leads discovery tours, keynotes at conferences, and has a rigid filming schedule for his TV show, video series, and more.

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