Holy Land Tour 2020 | Biblical Archaeology with Eli Shukron

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June 19-26, 2020

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Eli Shukron




Partake in a Holy Land tour in 2020 with Israel’s leading archaeologist Eli Shukron as you explore the latest in Biblical archaeology with exclusive access!

Are you ready to get down in the dirt and rock of archaeology? This trip is for you! Lace up your waterproof boots and follow Eli Shukron into the ruins of the City of David for an experience that goes beyond shopping and sightseeing. Have you been to the Canaanite fortresses? Have you ever seen Rahab’s Wall? Get closer to the ancient history of Israel than ever before. Walk through the ruins of the city of Jericho, where Joshua lead the Children of Israel into battle, see the most likely prison area that Paul stayed in during his time in Caesarea, and walk the path of the Savior as you go from the Jordan River, to Nazareth, to Galilee, to the Garden of Gethsemane and on!

Dig into the Bible through history. Follow the work of those who unearthed the true, historical sites of the Bible. Learn on-site from archaeologist Eli Shukron, one of the leading archaeologists in Jerusalem for over twenty years and the man who discovered the Pool of Siloam where Jesus healed the blind man in the book of John.

Sound like the trip for you? JUMP ON BOARD NOW because the sites we are traveling to only allow a limited number of guests, and it’s first-come-first-serve! Starting at just $1,859 per person (sharing a double) this tour has a featured archaeologist and site guides, visits to off-the-beaten-path Biblical destinations, stays at specialty and boutique hotels all over Israel, and optional tour add-ons for the Dead Sea, Masada, and Qumran Caves!



  • Guided by Israel’s Leading Archaeologist – Eli Shukron

  • City of David – Temple Zero – Temple Mount – Bethlehem

  • Pool of Siloam – Hezekiah’s Tunnel – Capernaum

  • Sea of Galilee – Megiddo – Carmel – Tel Hazor – Beit Shean – Jericho

  • Trumpeting Stone – Caesarea Maritima – Rahab’s Wall

  • Qasr el Yahud – Road to Bethany – The Cardo

  • Herodium – Jerusalem – Tabgha – Qumran – Masada

  • Dead Sea – Ramparts Walk – Pilgrim’s Road

  • All private touring and exclusive appointments – many of which are the focus of discoveries made by Eli in the City of David and Jerusalem

  • Overnighting Inside Old City

  • Nazareth Live Exhibition

  • Assistance with airline transportation

  • All entrance fees

  • All bus transportation starting your tour morning

  • Up-close of Archeological Park

  • Breakfast and dinner daily

  • All taxes

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  • Day 1
  • Tel Aviv
  • Make your way to the hotel for your included dinner tonight. TAL Tel Aviv or similar. D

  • Dinner

  • Day 2
  • Caesarea Maratima
  • Join the group this morning at 0800 in the lobby. Meet Israeli archaeologist and guide Eli Shukron. Our first stop this morning is the Herodian city and remains of Caesarea Maritima. You will see the most probable place of the Apostle Paul’s prison cell and you will see the remains of its amphitheater, palace and aqueducts. Then off to Mount Carmel. This mountain range is where Elijah met Baal’s worshippers and called fire down from heaven! At Megiddo, Eli will be able to lay out for you the Solomonic Gates and the importance of Megiddo’s crossroads location – historically and prophetically. Next, our favorite is a visit to Nazareth Village. At the village you will be met by a cast of humble actors who will demonstrate for you life in Nazareth at the time of Jesus. This visit is always a very special favorite. Our next most welcoming stop is our new boutique seaside hotel, the lovely – Sea of Galilee Hotel. Enjoy a lakeside stroll and dinner. BD

  • Breakfast, Dinner

Boats sailing across the sea of Galilee
  • Day 3
  • Galilee
  • This morning we visit the Jewish town of Capernaum. Jesus spent a substantial amount of time in this lakeside city. You will also see Peter’s mother-in-law’s home. Next, we go up to remember and recite the precious beatitudes on the mountain overlooking the Sea of Galilee. We visit Tabgha where the loaves and fishes multiplied and then to the place where Peter proclaimed “you are The Christ!” – Caesarea Philippi. End our day seeing the ancient Jesus boat that was found in the mud and finally a sunset Sea of Galilee boat cruise with music. D

  • Dinner

  • Day 4
  • Jericho
  • This morning, time permitting we will drive to Tel Hazor. This is where at the time of Jabin, Joshua burned the city. You will see the actual charred walls. Next, King Saul. What remains of his rule is the wall where he was nailed – high above Beit Sean. We will visit the spectacular Roman ruins of this city. Now the excitement will really ramp up. Could it be that Rahab’s section of the wall remains at Jericho? Eli will be there to show you and explain the geography, topography and archaeology so that you will be able to see it and understand how it happened. Next – the importance of the Jordan and its proximity to where we are. We will arrive at the Jordan River. Not just any part of it though, we will be on the Israeli side site of what they called Bethany Beyond the Jordan. This is where John the Baptist baptized Christ Jesus. What could be more fitting than to take our next step seriously and drive to the viewpoint over Jerusalem? Oh Jerusalem! From Mount Scopus we will stop for a few minutes for a view onto the walls and ramparts. We arrive in the city and immediately walk to the Western Wall, ending our evening at the Southern Steps – where Jesus walked into the Temple and its remaining stones of Archeological Park. We will enjoy learning of its history and importance as the sun goes down. Our boutique hotel is just steps away inside the city walls. Dinner tonight. If you wish, enjoy the Turkish hammam and have a restful evening. (BD)

  • Breakfast, Dinner

Israel tours in 2020 with Eli Shukron and Frank Turek
  • Day 5
  • Mount of Olives
  • We get an early start this morning and visit the Mount of Olives. We will walk up the hill and remember Bethany from where Jesus would stay. Our visit to the Garden of Gethsemane will be through an obscure secluded side gate. Lord permitting we will be the only guests in this hidden section of ancient olive trees. Here we will hear from Eli about the location we are at and its significance to the Temple and City of David. We join our bus and drive to the towering mountain of Herodium where we will be able to look into the Shepherd’s Field – even in use today. We will stop for lunch on your own at a lively tent that makes the best lamb and beef kabobs in the Hills of Judah. We will see the Church of the Nativity, drive past Rachel’s tomb and arrive back into Jerusalem. We will enter into the City of David with the man who knows it best. Going down into it, passing the various levels and coming into the history of the real Mount Zion. You will arrive at Hezekiah’s Tunnel and then visit the newest discovery, Temple Zero. After our private visit to the standing stone and the explanations of the time period and mysterious archaeological attributes, we would exit and see our final site of the day – the Pool of Siloam. Here, Eli will describe the amazing unearthing that has taken place and how he was only recently able to discover this pool. Return to our hotel for dinner and overnight.

  • Breakfast, Dinner

  • Day 6
  • Temple Mount
  • You will visit Temple Mount with Eli this morning and you will receive the layout of how it was accessed from the Pool of Siloam in the times of the Temple. We will exit Temple Mount and enter into the Pool of Bethesda. After understanding its location and its Biblical role, you will have time to step into St. Anne’s – a lovely church known for its acoustics. We will visit the Christian Quarter for lunch. Eli will show you the active quarter and its Church of the Holy Sepulchre and busy shops. We will visit Damascus Gate and then we join together at the precious Garden Tomb. We return via the Old City to the Jewish Quarter where Eli will point out a very important stone floor in the Cardo. Here you will also be able to learn the significance of the Temple Institute and Broad Wall. We will not go into these entities as time does not permit, but while we are in the Jewish Quarter, Eli will walk you through the areas of importance including the Golden Menorah and Jerusalem’s Synagogue. Late this afternoon, you can walk the ramparts up on top of the Old City Walls. You will gaze north, south, east and west and into all of its quarters, Jewish, Christian, Armenian, Muslim. What a treat for those to see the sun go down from above the Old City! (BD)

  • Breakfast, Dinner

  • Day 7
  • Final Day, optional tour add-ons
  • Today is a free day. Farewell dinner with the group and Eli this evening. (BD)

    You can take an optional tour day that includes all transportation, lunch and entrance fees. You will depart your Jerusalem hotel at 745AM and return at 530PM. The bus first visits Qumran. Qumran is where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. Afterwards, take the spectacular cable car up to King Herod’s fortress – Masada. Here we have lunch included. After our visit with Eli, we will arrive at the Dead Sea. You will have an opportunity to change into swim clothes and float in this amazing water. After an hour stay you will be able to shower and change and return to Jerusalem for dinner and overnight. Say goodbye to Eli as he joins you for dinner this evening.

  • Breakfast, Dinner

flight on airplane
  • Day 8
  • Depart
  • After breakfast, enjoy your flight home or next destination.

  • Breakfast

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