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Christian Travel for the Intrepid Berean

Christian Travel for the Intrepid Berean


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Israel Tour 2020 | Mission Calvary

With Pastor Bryan & Lisa Parish

From $3,439 per person

March 30 – April 8, 2020

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Tour Leaders:

Pastor Bryan & Lisa Parish




Pastor Bryan Parish of Mission Calvary has created an incredible teaching itinerary exploring the most authentic Biblical sites in Israel!

Explore the Holy Land’s most authentic destinations and unique locations on a Biblical tour of Israel led by Pastor Bryan Parish of Mission Calvary in 2020! Is 2020 the year to deepen your understanding of both the New and Old Testaments? If so, this is the trip for you! These sites and hotels have been selected exclusively for you, at just the right time on God’s prophetic calendar.

Israel 2020 Tour

Not only will you visit the celebrated traditional sites of the Galilee, Jerusalem, Nazareth, Masada, Bethlehem, the Dead Sea, and Golan, but Pastor Bryan has added what we consider to be the best teaching sites in the Holy Land! Few travelers have a chance to visit the original temple site at Shechem – positioned starkly between the Mountains of Blessings and Curses in Samaria. You will also visit Shiloh, participate in a dig of King Solomon’s stable (which was found next to Temple Mount). See the newly discovered Pilgrim’s Path – an underground route that connects the City of David to the Temple Mount. You will stand at Quneitra and look at the city of Damascus in the distance! On top of that, you will see Bethel (House of God), Gibeon, Jacob’s Well, and so much more. Your hotels have been hand-selected – staying inside the Old City Walls, right at the shore of the Sea of Galilee, and enjoying two full nights on the Dead Sea!

The Israel tour starts at $3,439 per person including airfare, most meals, private bus and guides, authentic locations, and all entrance fees; not to mention private teachings and special moments that only Pastor Bryan can deliver! Prices stated are based on double occupancy. If you are traveling alone we can help match you with a roommate (if available) or you can pay a supplement for a private room.


MISSION2020 Map v2


  • Round-Trip Airfare from Los Angeles (LAX)

  • Boutique Hotel Accommodations

  • Private Bus & Tour Guides

  • Unique Site Access

  • All Entrance Fees

  • Most Meals (Indicated on Itinerary)

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Plane Wing Golden Clouds Itinerary
  • March 30
  • Depart Los Angeles
  • Depart Los Angeles today. Those taking the Jordan extension will depart at 6:30PM and go through Istanbul’s new airport; those going to Israel only will depart at 3:40PM and connect through London.

Sea of Galilee Kinneret Landscape
  • March 31
  • Arrival in Galilee
  • You will be met on arrival and transferred to the beautiful new Sea of Galilee Hotel, located right on the shores of the Galilee.

  • Dinner

Capernaum City Ruins in Israel
  • April 1
  • Capernaum; Mount of Beatitudes; Chorazin; Cana; Mount Arbel
  • Enjoy breakfast this morning and quiet time along the lake before we depart the hotel in the late morning for Capernaum. Capernaum was the city and synagogue where Jesus spent a substantial amount of his time teaching. It is also here that Peter’s mother-in-law’s home can be seen. The city, now vacated, is also along the shore of the lake where Jesus performed many of His miracles. Next, we visit the Mount of Beatitudes for a teaching. We will visit the remains of Chorazin’s synagogue – mentioned by Jesus. Lunch will be on the shore at a lovely restaurant famous for Peter’s fish. After lunch, we visit the place of Jesus’ first miracle – Cana – and finally enjoy the sunset from Mount Arbel. Dinner at our beautiful hotel. This evening, you can visit the thermal pools at Tiberias after dinner, if you like.

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Ruins of the Ancient Israelite Fortress at Tel Arad in Israel
  • April 2
  • Hazor; Mount Hermon; Druze lunch; Quneitra to see Damascus; Caesarea Philippi; Tel Dan
  • Breakfast. Depart the hotel for the impressive site of Tel Hazor. Here you will see the burnt walls of King Solomon’s city, dating back to the Canaanite period. As we drive toward the Golan Heights, we will pass Mount Hermon. It is here that the fallen angels were cast down from heaven. Time permitting, we may have an opportunity to take an optional tethered balloon trip that flies high enough to see a commanding view of Hermon and the Hula Valley. We visit a Druze village for an early lunch. The Druze are a people group who honor Jethro, the father-in-law of Moses. Next, we visit Tel Dan and see the gate of Abraham and the impressive altar. From the side of this altar we will be able to see into Syria. Nearby, we have a chance to see Caesarea Philippi. It is here that Peter exclaimed, “You are the Christ!” Finally, we will see the contested area of the Golan and the remains of war at Quneitra. Return to our beautiful hotel for dinner.

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Nazareth Carpenter in Israel
  • April 3
  • Migdal; Mount Precipice; Nazareth Village; Valley of Dothan; Sebastia, Nablus
  • Breakfast. Stop at Migdal to see its newly discovered synagogue. Drive to Mount Precipice – this is the site that is traditionally believed to be where the Jews of Nazareth wished to throw Jesus from. It is also the site where we will be able to look over the entire Plain of Megiddo and onto Nazareth. We have an appointment in Nazareth, at a precious teaching site, where we will see the mysteries of the Torah come alive through the daily life of the Jews during the time of Jesus. Visit Dothan, where Joseph was thrown into the cistern by his brothers. Overnight in Samaria.

  • Breakfast, Dinner

Jerusalem Old City in Daytime
  • April 4
  • Abraham’s Mount Gerizim: Samaria with Samaritan Priest; Mountains of Blessings and Curses; Gerizim Temple and Ebal; Shechem ; First Temple to the Living God; Jacob’s Well; Bethel; Gibeon. Arrive in Jerusalem to the Gloria Hotel at Jaffa Gate
  • Breakfast before we take the drive up to Mount Gerizim and learn of the mysteries of Mount Ebal and Gerizim – the mountains of blessings and curses. Visit Shechem, which sits between the two hills. You will visit the ancient Samaritan temple at Shechem. It is here that the bones of Joseph were laid when the Hebrews returned to the promised land. If the Samaritan Priest is in residence, you may have an opportunity to learn more about the Samaritans. Lunch in Samaria. Before departing Shechem, we will visit Jacob’s Well. We will stop at Bethel, the House of God, and walk the grounds of Gibeon. Next stop – the city of Our God! Jerusalem! Coming down the hill we will see her. Arrive at your hotel, which is in the best location of all Israel! Right at Jaffa Gate. The Gloria Hotel is made of limestone with carpets and fixtures right out of Turkish rule. Everything is within steps of your room. Dinner at the hotel.

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Western Wall and Dome of the Rock
  • April 5
  • Jerusalem: Temple Mount; City of David; Southern Steps; Archaeological Park
  • Grab a cup of coffee and head up to the roof to enjoy a morning facing the Temple Mount. You will be right over the Old City where you can observe the activity of the ancient city come alive. After breakfast, we walk towards the Temple Mount. Here we will see the most important real estate in the world. We will also stand in front of the Eastern (or Golden) Gate and have a teaching of its prophetic importance. Walk past Antonio Fortress, learn of its history in the time of Christ, and enter the Pools of Bethesda. It is here where Jesus healed the paralytic. Enjoy a lunch break in the Old City. This afternoon, we will visit the fresh discoveries of the City of David, including the Pilgrims Path and the Pool of Siloam. You will also have the option of walking through Hezekiah’s Tunnel and into the sewer tunnels that connect the City of David to Archaeological Park. At Archaeological Park we will learn about the Trumpeting Stone. Next, we will sit on the Southern Steps. It is here that Jesus and the Apostles would have walked to enter the Second Temple. Note the mikvahs stationed all around. Consider with awe the Book of Acts and the release of the Holy Spirit at this site! 

  • Breakfast, Dinner

Olive Trees in Shepherds Field in Bethlehem Israel
  • April 6
  • Mount of Olives; Garden of Gethsemane; Dig Project from King Solomon’s Stables; Bethlehem; Shepherd’s Fields; Herodium; Qumran; Dead Sea
  • After breakfast, we sit on the Mount of Olives to see the sun gleaming onto the Old City and its walls and gates. Walk down Palm Sunday Road where they cried out “Hosanna, Hosanna!” We will walk through the precious Garden of Gethsemane for a time of reflection. Near the Road to Bethany we will join a live dig. Learn how the archaeologists have discovered the truth among dirt and stones for yourself! This particular dig is dirt that came from King Solomon’s Stables adjacent to Temple Mount. We leave the city and stop for lunch on your own at a Bedouin tented barbeque lunch area. Next, we visit a site where we can go into a cave very much like the cave where Mary and Joseph kept Jesus safe. We will drive up the Mount of Herodium in order to see the expansive Shepherds Hills of Bethlehem. We depart and skirt the Dead Sea until we arrive at Qumran. A guide will take you through and teach you about the archaeology of the Essene community that stands at the base of the mountain where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. Check into our hotel for the next two nights: the David Dead Sea. Take a quick dip in these unique waters before the sun goes down! Dinner at the hotel.

  • Breakfast, Dinner

Sunrise Over Masada Ruins of King Herods Palace in Judaean Desert
  • April 7
  • Masada; Ein Gedi; Dead Sea
  • Breakfast at the hotel and take a bus ride to Masada. You will take a cable car to the top. Be prepared for a spectacular teaching and view! Afterwards, we visit Ein Gedi. This removed place is most noted as where King David hid from Saul. It is here, somewhere on this mountain, that David entered Saul’s cave and cut the tassels off his robe. Return to the Dead Sea area where there is plenty of shops and a time to grab lunch. Free afternoon to unwind in the pools. Dinner together this evening. Those going home in the morning will leave the hotel very early in the morning – so those going on to Jordan will need to say goodbye to everyone tonight.

  • Breakfast, Dinner

Plane Wing Pink and Purple Clouds Itinerary
  • April 8
  • Depart Tel Aviv for Los Angeles
  • If going home today, you will fly from Israel back to London and then arrive Los Angeles at 6:55PM. If going onto Jordan today, you will have breakfast at the hotel and then depart for Jordan.

  • Breakfast

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Pastor Bryan and Lisa Parish

Bryan Parish

Pastor, Mission Calvary
Mission Viejo, CA

Pastor Bryan has been Senior Pastor at Calvary Chapel La Mirada since 1985 and Mission Calvary since 2015. Bryan graduated from Biola University in 1985 with a B.S. Degree in Bible. In 1995, he received his masters’ degree in Divinity from Talbot Theological Seminary.

Bryan teaches at the Calvary Chapel La Mirada Bible Ministry School and has taught at Calvary Chapel Bible College at Murrieta Hot Springs. He has also taught at Calvary Chapel Bible College extension campuses at Downey and South Bay.

Pastor Bryan met his wife Lisa in 1981 when they were attending Point Loma College. They were married in 1983. They have five lovely children: Anneliese, Bryan, Candace, Dylan, and Ethan.

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