WAITLIST ONLY – Israel & Rome 2023 | Christian Archaeological Pilgrimage | Pastor Bob Franquiz of Calvary Fellowship

With Pastor Bob Franquiz of Calvary Fellowship

From $4,969 per person

November 4-14, 2023 | Optional Apostle Paul Rome Extension November 14-17, 2023

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Tour Leaders:

Pastor Bob Franquiz of Calvary Fellowship


Israel, Rome


Israel Christian Pilgrimage with the Newest Archeological Evidence!

Enjoy unique teachings by Pastor Bob Franquiz of Calvary Fellowship!
Join us for an extended journey with an optional Apostle Paul Rome extension.

Tour is currently WAITLIST ONLY

Pastor Bob Franquiz has created an incredible teaching itinerary exploring the most authentic Biblical sites in Israel! Not only will you visit the celebrated traditional sites of the Galilee, Jerusalem, Nazareth, Masada, Bethlehem, the Dead Sea, and Golan, but other exclusive teaching sites across the Holy Land! Few of Israel’s visitors visit the newest findings of the City of David – where Jerusalem began – including the Pilgrims’ Path – an underground route that connects the City of David to the Temple Mount, and you will also stand at Quneitra and look at the city of Damascus in the distance! Pastor Bob has created an itinerary that incorporates the steps of Christ along with the important aspects of our faith in the Old Testament archaeological treasures.

The optional extension to Rome has a focus on the Apostle Paul’s time of ministry to the Romans. You will visit all the major sites, Coliseum, Forum, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, and Vatican, but ALSO you will visit a precious ancient home in the oldest neighborhood of Rome called Trastevere, where Paul had his home church of Regola. You will visit the place where his body is laid, and also the Mamertine Prison where he and Peter were imprisoned. It was the last place that Paul breathed life before being killed for his faith.

This 11-day Bible Study and Holy Land tour begins at $4,969 per person and includes roundtrip airfare from Miami. You may add the Rome optional extension for $2,239 per person, (based on double occupancy) as well.

If you wish to book your own airfare on either the Israel or Rome inclusive portion, take the air credit listed under “Air Tickets”. If you are traveling alone, we can help match you with a roommate or you can pay a supplement for a private room.

“For two whole years Paul stayed there in his own rented house and welcomed all who came to see him. He proclaimed the kingdom of God and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ—with all boldness and without hindrance!” — Acts 28:30-31


Franquiz2023 map grouped


  • Round-Trip Airfare from Miami [Included].

  • 11-Day Tour priced at $4,969 per person, double.

  • All Tips.

  • All breakfast, dinners and 3 lunches in Israel. One special dinner in Rome.

  • Teaching by Pastor Bob Franquiz.

  • Private Buses on All Tours.

  • Optional 4-Day tour of Rome with an Apostle Paul Focus at $2,239 per person, double.

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Plane Wing Golden Clouds Itinerary
  • November 4
  • Depart Miami nonstop to Rome at 8:50PM, change aircraft.
  • Depart Miami at 8:50PM, you will fly nonstop on Delta partner, Alitalia. 3.5-Hour layover in Rome, then off to Israel!

The hills of Galilee, the Sea of Galilee in the background
  • November 5
  • Arrive Israel 8:20PM. Drive along Carmel Ridge to Galilee where you will stay three nights.
  • Arrive Tel Aviv at 8:20PM. Drive along Mount Carmel Ridge and enter into the Galilee. Check into our hotel, the Ramot Resort on the Sea of Galilee.

  • Dinner

Caesarea by the Sea Israel
  • November 6
  • Golan Heights, Caesarea Philippi, Tel Dan, Nimrod’s Fortress, Mount Bental.
  • Later start this morning. Today we drive toward the “Golan Heights”. One of Jesus’ most important moments was at a key site called Caesarea Philippi. This place was a site of great pagan worship, and it is the place where Peter first proclaimed, “You are The Christ!” Next, we have a lovely walk through Tel Dan, located at the base of Mount Hermon and at the headwaters of the Jordan River. In the book of 1 Kings 12, we learn that Jeroboam’s golden calf was kept here along with the stela that identified the King of Judah of the “House of David”. This documentation was an important Biblical find. There is also an incredible gate called the Gate of Abraham, as we walk through the beautiful Tel Dan Nature Reserve. We will have lunch prepared by the Druze people, who also have an interesting history. Drive up a hill to a beautiful viewpoint from Nimrod’s Fortress, while Nimrod did not live there, the fortress is positioned over important Bashan – which is another important geographical location for our study. Then, onward we go for a view of Damascus and a walk around the military site called Mount Bental.  Return to our lovely resort for the night.

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Capernaum Israel unsplash
  • November 7
  • Capernaum, Mount of Beatitudes, fish lunch, Chorazin, Ancient Jesus boat, Sea of Galilee cruise and end the day at Mount Arbel.
  • Enjoy waking up this morning on the beautiful Sea of Galilee! Have breakfast and join your group for a very important day. Your first stop is Capernaum, known as the “Home of Jesus”, and it is here in the Northern Galilee where Jesus called 5 of his disciples, Matthew, James, John, Andrew, and of course Peter! Archaeologically, you will be able to place the Biblical passages firmly in your mind. Next, we visit the precious Mount of Beatitudes where Jesus gave the Sermon on the Mount. We will take a rest with a fish lunch on the Galilee, and then visit the synagogue site of Chorazin and the ancient “Jesus” Boat, which is dated to Christ’s time and is well preserved in a small museum and boutique near the shore. Board our own Sea of Galilee cruise for a precious time of worship. Lastly, we will have a sunset from Mount Arbel – overlooking the various Biblical shores from on high. Dinner again at our resort. 

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Overview from the center of the city of Nazareth, Jesus' hometown
  • November 8
  • Drive through Nazareth, Nazareth Precipice, Megiddo, Shiloh, and end the day on the Dead Sea for one night.
  • This morning we pass by Nazareth – Jesus’ boyhood home, and go to the place they call the “Jumping Spot”, it is here on this hill and viewpoint that Jesus disappeared into the Nazareth crowd as they threatened to throw him from the cliff. The viewpoint is quite beautiful and impacting. The Megiddo Plain and Armageddon can also be seen from here. We will stop at Megiddo – one of the key cities fortified or built by King Solomon. Afterward, we visit one of the newest recovered archaeological jewels of the Bible – Shiloh. You will have a tour of the discovery and will receive an explanation of where the Tabernacle sat for 369 years.   Drive through the Judean Hills and into the Judean Desert where we will overnight on the unique Dead Sea. You will have an opportunity to enjoy your hotel’s pools, or just take a float in this amazing natural mineral-rich salt sea. We will be one night at the David Resort hotel.

  • Breakfast, Dinner

Masada Israel unsplash
  • November 9
  • Masada, Ein Gedi, Qumran, Jerusalem!
  • Enjoy some free time this morning around the resort. Our first stop today will be Masada. Masada sits atop a magnificent plateau where a palace and fortress were built by King Herod the Great for his summer residence. But what took place there has a significant history. We will have time to grab lunch while at Masada. The next stop will be Ein Gedi. We will walk a lovely trail up to a set of waterfalls. The significance of Ein Gedi is that this is one of the sites where David hid from Saul. It is also the location where David showed his faith by only cutting the tassels off King Saul’s robe. Also of material significance is the next site – Qumran. You will learn today how the Qumranites were able to live simply and righteously in the desert, and how they kept the precious Biblical scrolls for history to unfold. Continue our journey to the jewel of Israel. Oh Jerusalem, how much we have loved you! Check into our hotel for the next 5 nights. Your hotel is very unique, in that it is located inside the Old City Walls in the Jewish Quarter. The historic hotel is called the Sephardic House. It has a lovely scriptorium and access to the Cardo and the unique Jewish Quarter district.

  • Breakfast, Dinner

Archaelogy Old City Jerusalem unsplash
  • November 10
  • Pool of Siloam, Hezekiah’s Tunnel, City of David, Pilgrims’ Path, Christian Quarter, Pool of Bethesda, St. Anne’s. 
  • Our morning will be spent seeing the most important archaeological proofs in Jerusalem. First, you will be able to see the precious Pool of Siloam. From here you will have the opportunity to walk thru Hezekiah’s Tunnel (if you wish – your feet can get wet and it is dark), and then continue under Jerusalem into the “City of David”. Magnificent teachings and vantage points from under the Old City, and then we are able to walk in the ancient tunnel of the Pilgrims’ Path. Break for lunch at the Christian quarter, with some lively time shopping along the Via Dolorosa and the important aspects of the Old City. Afterward, come out of the mount at the miraculous Pools of Bethesda, exiting with an opportunity to worship at St. Anne’s beautiful church.

  • Breakfast, Dinner

A view of the city of Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives
  • November 11
  • Mount of Olives, Palm Sunday Road, Garden of Gethsemane, Bethlehem, Jordan River. 
  • arly this morning we drive up the Mount of Olives for a very special viewpoint. Enjoy teaching with wonderful photo opportunities. You will also be able to see Palm Sunday Road below you and be surrounded by the precious Garden of Gethsemane. We then have a short drive to Bethlehem where we will stop for a time of private worship in a set of caves that are very similar to where our Savior was born.  Enjoy lunch overlooking the Shepherd’s Fields at a favorite Bedouin restaurant called the “Tent”. Next, arrive at Jericho – known as the oldest city on earth, and be able to see the layers of history with your own eyes. Ride a camel or have a famous orange drink. We will stop at the Jordan River for an opportunity to be baptized today, or sit and enjoy the beautiful site. The importance of the location is that we will be just a stone’s throw across the river from the place where John would have baptized Jesus. Return to Jerusalem overnight.

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Jerusalem walls, Dome of the Rock
  • November 12
  • Temple Mount, Archaeological Park, Southern Steps, Trumpeting Stone.  Night lights tour of Jerusalem. 
  • After breakfast, we enter the Temple Mount – one of the most Holy Sites of Judaism and Islam. From inside the Temple Mount, you will see the Prophetic Golden or “Mercy” Gate. It is here that Jesus Himself will reenter Jerusalem! Walk to Archaeological Park, which is adjacent to the Southern Steps, located inside the Old City walls of today. Stand on the corner and see where the prophetic Trumpeting Stone was found. Enjoy teaching on the Southern Steps – the very steps that Jesus himself would have put his feet. Return to the hotel to freshen up a bit. We will have a night tour this evening to enjoy the lights of Jerusalem and its political centers. Visit the Knesset, and pass the important squares of history.

  • Breakfast, Dinner

Jerusalem Old City Sunset
  • November 13
  • Israel Museum, Shrine of the Book, Yad Vashem, Garden Tomb and the Place of the Skull.  Farewell dinner above the Old City.
  • Our first stop will be the Israeli Museum. Here you will be able to meander amongst the critical pieces of history within the museum. We will have a teaching together of the replica of the Temple, and then you will have free time to walk through the Shrine of the Book with its famous Isaiah scroll and those Dead Sea Scrolls found at Qumran. Grab a sandwich on your own at one of its restaurants. Next, we visit somber Yad Vashem, the museum of the holocaust. This will be a time of personal reflection with an audio-guided script so that you can go at your own pace. Late this afternoon we end our Jerusalem day at Gordon’s Calvary, or the Place of the Skull. It is here we will share communion and worship at its precious Garden Tomb. Our farewell dinner tonight is at the top of the historic Notre Dame building that overlooks the Old City Walls.

  • Breakfast, Dinner

Plane Wing Golden Clouds Itinerary
  • November 14
  • Flights to Miami early this morning, changing planes in Rome. Arrive Miami 3:50PM.
  • Flight will depart for the USA at 4:30AM, changing in Rome and arriving Miami at 3:50PM.


Street Pizzeria in Rome Italy
  • November 14
  • Depart Tel Aviv. Catacombs, St. Paul Outside the Walls.
  • Our flight will arrive Rome at 7:30AM. You will be met on arrival and taken to the Appian Way where we will stretch our legs on the ancient road of Paul. Next, we visit the somber Catacombs of Domitilla. This labyrinth of underground tombs and churches was the hiding place for the Early Church in the years following the Apostles and Christ’s death. You will have a few moments of worship in a precious underground chapel, and then be able to walk through the layers and layers of burial places. We have made a special request for you to be able to see the oldest painted picture of the Apostles Peter and John in a tomb. At times that section is closed to visitors. Next, you will drive about 20 minutes to an important cathedral called St. Paul’s Outside the Walls. The reason we will visit is that this is the cathedral where we know that the Apostle Paul’s body is buried in a vault that you will be able to visit. You will be able to grab a snack or coffee at the onsite coffee shop since it will be lunchtime. We will drive along the Appian Way where you will be able to see the Christ-era aqueducts along the way. We will enter Rome’s gates via the Appian Way as well. On arrival in Rome, you will check in to your lovely hotel near the magnificent Forum, the Kolbe Hotel. There will be time this afternoon to walk 15 minutes to the Via Del Corso – one of the best shopping streets in all of Rome. Join the group for a pizza tonight at a local restaurant.

  • Dinner

The ruins of the Roman forum with the sun rising behind the Italian hills
  • November 15
  • Roman Forum with Mamertine Museum, Coliseum.  Afternoon Trevi, Pantheon and the Spanish Steps.   
  • This morning you will enter the Forum with Suzanna, your guide. She will take you through history, passing the famous statues and baths. You will have an important appointment today at the prison where Peter and Paul were imprisoned – in a cistern under the forum called the Mamertine. Afterward, you will have a set appointment time to go through the most important monument of Rome – the ancient Coliseum. Continue our day familiarizing yourself with Rome – Trevi Fountain, the Patheon, and the Spanish Steps! Dinner on your own this evening at one of the numerous fabulous Roman restaurants.

Sunset behind St. Peter's Basilica
  • November 16
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral, Vatican and Vatican Museum in the morning.  Piazza de Fiori and the Apostle Paul’s home –  Regola in Trastevere.
  • Board the bus for a drive across the river to arrive at the courtyard of St. Paul’s Cathedral. We will enter the church to see the important artwork, including the David of Michaelangelo. You will be provided time to go through the various stations and then we will rejoin and visit the Vatican. The courtyard is immense. From there, we will enter the Vatican Museums. The last artwork to be shown at the museum is the Sistine Chapel. Time for lunch! You will have a precious time at the Piazza de Fiori – the plaza of flowers. Essentially, there is a plethora of great restaurants, cut flower stands, and unique shops in this coveted square. You will reassemble after your break and walk into Trastevere – the ancient Jewish neighborhood of Rome. We have a special appointment this afternoon to visit the home church of the Apostle Paul! The site is called Regola. It is a special opportunity to visit this off-beat site with significant importance to the Early Church and Paul’s books. Dinner on your own again this evening.

Departure on Airplane
  • November 17
  • Flight departs today.
  • Flight departs at 10:50AM, arrive Miami (nonstop) at 3:50PM.

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pastor bob franquiz

Pastor Bob Franquiz

Pastor, Calvary Fellowship
Miramar, Florida

Bob Franquiz is the Founding and Senior Pastor of Calvary Fellowship in
Miramar, FL. Bob is also the author of seven books, including Pull: Making your Church Magnetic and Begin: First Steps for the Journey of Faith. Prior to entering Pastoral ministry, Bob played guitar for Christian Hardcore band Strongarm; a band that has been called one of the best Christian Metal bands of all time.

Prior to planting Calvary Fellowship, Bob served as an assistant pastor at Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale, one of the 10 largest churches in the U.S. Most importantly, Bob considers his greatest achievement as marrying his “just out of high school” sweetheart, Carey, in 1997. Together, they have three beautiful children, Mia, Alexander and Olivia.

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