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Germany & Israel 2020 | Legacy Tours | Joel Richardson & Dalton Thomas

With Dalton Thomas, Joel Richardson, Marco Moreno

From $4,999 per person

November 3-12, 2020

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Tour Leaders:

Dalton Thomas, Joel Richardson, Marco Moreno


Germany, Israel


Discover Israel on a journey from Germany to Jerusalem led by Dalton Thomas and Joel Richardson of Legacy Tours and Israel Alliance International (IAI) in 2020.

From the days of King David to the Maccabean Revolt, from the Roman Occupation to the War of Independence, from the Six Day War to Yom Kippur, from Oslo to the Intifadas, the story of Israel has always been and will always be inseparable from the story of military struggle and war. While the world has always been and will always be divided over this tiny plot of land and those who defend it, few truly understand it.

Legacy Tour participants will also hear from and interact with Israeli military commanders. For security purposes and sensitivity reasons, names will not be publicized. Contact us directly for details.

Israel Alliance International’s LEGACY TOURS create opportunities around Israel and her borders whereby participants will:

  • LEARN ABOUT THE PAST through a unique, intimate, thoughtful, and honest exploration of Israel’s military history
  • LEARN ABOUT THE PRESENT to understand, honor, and preserve the legacy of the sacrifice of the IDF who have defended the modern state of Israel over the last 70 years
  • LEARN ABOUT THE FUTURE to comprehend, prepare for, and engage in the complicated and tumultuous days ahead in the Middle East

LEGACY TOURS stand alone as the most unique tour experience of Israel today. While participants will miss out on some of the traditional tourist sites common among mainstream tourism, you will see a side of Israel and the region that few others ever will. You will interact with retired military leaders and intelligence officers who served in the War of Independence, Yom Kippur, the Six Day War, and Lebanon I and II (sometimes on the very grounds of historic battles they commanded). You will also interact with present day visionaries of the IDF to get an inside look at how the Israeli Army is engaging some of the most significant humanitarian crises and regional challenges of our generation.

LEGACY TOUR participants will also engage with evangelical ministry leaders pioneering in the region and renowned Bible teachers to consider what the Word says about Israel’s past, present, and future.



  • Round-Trip Airfare from New York (JFK) to Germany, to Israel, & Return to New York.

  • Expert Guide in Nazi Germany & Concentration Camp

  • Expert Guides in Israel

  • Breakfast & Dinner Daily (Lunches as Indicated)

  • All Hotels & Lodging

  • All Ground Transportation

  • All Presentations & Teachings by Experts

  • All Entrance Fees, Air Taxes, Fuel Surcharges & Carrier Fees

  • Business-Class Airfare Upgrades Available

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Plane Wing Golden Clouds Itinerary
  • November 3
  • Depart JFK
  • Flights depart New York/JFK on Lufthansa at 5:30PM. Please plan on arriving JFK no later than 4:00PM (or earlier is best).

  • Breakfast, Dinner

Dachau Concentration Camp Itinerary
  • November 4
  • Dachau, Germany
  • Flight arrives Munich at 0730. Your hosts will meet you at the airport and you will drive to the Munich Pullman Hotel. You will have an opportunity to rest or stretch your feet. Dinner is this evening.

  • Breakfast, Dinner

Munich at Night Itinerary
  • November 5
  • Munich, Germany
  • Breakfast at the hotel. We have a Munich Third Reich Walking Tour (2 hours). Drive to Dachau where they will have lunch at the visitors center cafeteria. Explore and learn about this important complex and its neighborhoods. Note its close proximity to Munich and major population groups. Afterwards, transfer to the Munich airport, arriving at 1800. You will have time to grab a bite to eat if you wish, although once we have boarded they will also serve a meal. Flight departs at 10:20PM to Tel Aviv.

  • Breakfast, Lunch

Israel Street with Flag Itinerary
  • November 6
  • Tel Aviv: Historical & Theological Introduction
  • Arrive TLV on Lufthansa #680 from Munich at 0250. Transfer to The Dan Panorama Tel Aviv by 0430. At 12:30PM the group will visit the Jewish Underground Movements and the Army Museum. We will then be joined by a guest speaker for dinner.

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Israel Bunker View Itinerary
  • November 7
  • The Southern Front: Gaza
  • After a large breakfast, we will leave the hotel around 0800 for the Gaza area. We have a private lunch at a kibbutz called Zikim just south of Ashkelon where we will be receiving important information on the area we are in. We tour the rest of the afternoon the key sites near Gaza and Ashkelon. We return to our Tel Aviv hotel for a special dinner.

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Israel Hills and Soldier Itinerary
  • November 8
  • The Northern Front: Lebanon
  • Depart cosmopolitan Tel Aviv and head through the Judean Hills. We will be making multiple stops today. Our host hotel for the next 3 nights is the lovely new Galilion hotel. It has views of Mount Hermon and one of the most important wine producing regions. Dinner at the Galilion with a special presentation that will begin to tie in the areas we are focusing in on during our time in Israel.

  • Breakfast, Dinner

Israeli Tank and Flag Itinerary
  • November 9
  • The Northern Front: Lebanon & Golan Heights
  • Bus will be used all day in Golan and near Lebanon border. Sea of Galilee cruise late in afternoon. Stops will include Capernaum and Mount of Beatitudes before the cruise. Back to the Galilion Hotel.

  • Breakfast, Dinner

Israel Old City Wall and Gate Itinerary
  • November 10
  • The Northern Front: Golan Heights
  • Leave the Galilion, stop at Megiddo, Carmel, arrive Jerusalem. You will have some free time in the Old City for lunch. We will share a special time of communion at the Garden Tomb. Special dinner presentation this evening. Overnight in the Eldan Hotel.

  • Breakfast, Dinner

Haredi Western Wall with Soldiers Itinerary
  • November 11
  • The Center of the Earth: Jerusalem
  • Jerusalem today with the Temple Mount and Holocaust Museum. We have dinner tonight at the oldest hotel in Jerusalem – the quaint American Colony. Return for overnight in the Eldan Hotel.

  • Breakfast, Dinner

Israel Tel Aviv Airport Shadows Itinerary
  • November 12
  • Depart Tel Aviv
  • You will be picked up at the Eldan early this morning and transferred to the airport for your return flight to New York / JFK. The return flight changes in Vienna and you arrive JFK at 2:30PM (on Nov. 12).

  • Breakfast, Dinner

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Author Joel Richardson - Headshot

Joel Richardson

Author, Joel’s Trumpet
Grandview, Missouri

Joel Richardson is a New York Times bestselling author, filmmaker, and teacher. Joel lives in the United States with his wife and five children. With a special love for all the people of the Middle East, Joel travels globally teaching the gospel and equipping the saints for the greatest challenges of our time. He is the author of numerous books, the producer of ground-breaking documentaries with Frontier Alliance International (FAI), and has been featured by numerous radio, television and news outlets across the world. Joel also hosts  “The Underground” — an online teaching program on his website Joel’s Trumpet.

Learn more about Joel’s ministries and past work!

Dalton Thomas | Pioneer, Filmmaker, Author

Dalton Thomas

Filmmaker, Author, Pioneer, Frontier Alliance International (FAI)

Dalton Thomas is the founder and President of Frontier Alliance International (FAI), who has been pioneering initiatives in conflict zones all over the world over the past decade.  Dalton is also the CEO of FAI Studios who has produced landmark Christian documentary films such as The Frontier, Better Friends than Mountains, Covenant and Controversy, and Sheep Among Wolves. He has written several books, including The Controversy of Zion and the Time of Jacob’s Trouble and Unto Death: Martyrdom, Missions, and the Maturity of the Church.

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