The Unique Biblical Teaching in Rome, Italy for our 2014 & 2015 Christian cruises includes a teaching in a small museum that houses a notable piece of graffiti. This graffiti, most likely done by a Greek (because of his Greek name)in the first or second century AD, criticizes the Christ converts for worshipping their God who was crucified on a cross. The image documents that indeed Rome had many Christ worshippers by this early time who claimed that Christ was God Himself. The graffiti shows a man worshipping a donkey hung on a cross. Roman citizens were not allowed to be crucified. Watch the expert historian video excerpt attached and join us for thought-provoking, unique biblical teaching in Rome and Italy, that looks past modern day architecture. Living Passages tours of Rome and Italy focus on the sights and images of the early church that existed in Rome in the years immediately following Christ’s death.

Our current tours open to the public include  October 2014, April 2015 and June 2015. Join us for a Christian cruise that will be Biblically relevant to your studies.

Interested in a religious cruise? Living Passages will have more available Christian cruises soon! For now, check out our available Christian tours we have planned for 2016!