Foreign Independent Travel Trips for Christian Small Groups or Solo Travelers

Israel with Archeologist Eli Shukron or another expert?  Saudi Arabia with a Jabal al Lawz shepherd and guide?  Jordan with a Hebrew expert who knows the route of the Exodus or Conquest?  Ethiopia with a Hebraic expert on the route of the ancient Biblical texts and Ark of the Covenant?  Turkey with a Seven Churches of Revelation Biblical expert?  Greece with an Apostle Paul expert for Corinth, Philippi and Berea?  Yes, even Rome and other Biblical destinations.  With the post COVID environment, you probably still want to go but you don’t want to depend on an escorted tour or you may want to bring your own family and operate on your own personal schedule.  This is what an FIT or foreign independent travel trip is designed for.

Our expertise in the areas not only provides you with the correct knowledge to lead you, but we also have the up to date knowledge on unique accommodations that will fit your tastes.  Our agents worked with Virtuoso for years and with the new environment can use their knowledge and skills to help you have an independent vacation yet be completely taken care of on the ground.

With an FIT we assists you in planning your own trip with your own specialized itinerary and your travel pace.  We can place an emphasis on the local Biblical history, local food, architecture and culture.  FIT’s are usually not for the budget minded since your costs are not spread over a large group of people.  When planning an FIT with us, we will ask you for a deposit upfront.

Email us here and we will be happy to contact you for more information.  Travel can still be exciting and fun.  We would love to help you get there.

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