Scuba Diving & Snorkeling at the Exodus Sites

Explore the Warm Waters of the Red Sea Between Saudi Arabia and Egypt

Feeling Adventurous?
Add scuba diving or snorkeling to any Living Passages tour, cruise, or expedition.

Living Passages can arrange your Red Sea expedition at either Nuweiba Beach crossing or the Tiran Island crossing.
Don't miss your chance to explore a different side of the Biblical Exodus route!

Nuweibaa Dahab Egypt unsplash
Diver Off Boat in the Red Sea
exodus cruise water sports
Snorkeling in the Red Sea

All of our Bible study tours of Saudi Arabia and Jordan include Jabal al-Lawz (Mount Sinai in Arabia), Midian, Elim, the Red Sea, the Split Rock of Horeb, Tayma, Al Ula, and Khaybar, and many other sites. Our Jordan Exodus tours also include Petra and time-permitting Kadesh and Barnea. Adding a dive or snorkel trip while in these locations is very easy to do.

Another unique opportunity Living Passages provides divers is to take one of our cruises encompassing all the Exodus sites. Our yacht has a dive/snorkel platform that can be utilized during sailing and at ports like Hurghada, Sharm el Sheik, and Nuweiba.

Living Passages can book live aboard group dive trips for enthusiasts who have a serious interest in Biblical archeology and exploration.

The amount of time you need to assign to diving and snorkeling will depend on exactly which tour you are taking with us and where your tour will begin or end. Normally you will need a special transfer at the beginning or end of the journey to the dive location. There are NO dive shops currently open in Saudi as they are all being remodeled for NEOM, but we do have alternatives that take you to the waters near Nuweiba Beach and the beautiful Red Sea.

Let us know your interests and skill level. Living Passages would be happy to make your dive adventure a reality.

port of Sharm Al Sheikh Egypt unsplash