Cruise through the Red Sea and visit Saudi Arabia with its port city of Yanbu, as well as Egypt, Jordan, and Israel!

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Red Sea Cruises with the port city of Yanbu Medina in Saudi Arabia

Yanbu is a part of the Saudi Hejaz, located on the beautiful Red Sea.
Yanbu is a great starting or ending point for exploration of the depth of Saudi!

An adventure through this city would not be complete without a visit to the home of Lawrence of Arabia! On our longer journeys throughout Saudi, we will stop at the famous Hejaz Railway stations, made famous in the epic story. The stations are still there! Thomas Edward Lawrence was indeed Sir Lawrence of Arabia. He was a British intelligence officer and military advisor. We love to showcase the Great Arab Revolt during your visit!

Once outside of Yanbu, we head for the archeological gems of the Biblical sites of Tayma (Tema), Dedan, Lihyan, Midian, and Mount Sinai in Arabia and the route of the Exodus from the Red Sea to Mount Paran. Along the way – you will have an opportunity to see the ancient forts and archeology of the Jewish Tribes who lived and prospered for many years in the oasis cities of Khaybar, Tayma, and Medina.

Rock formation in Saudi dessert
Night Sky
Night Tomb
Saudi Camels 1
Dedan Lions Al Ula 1
KhayBar Masada
Saudi unique cliff face


Looking to take a more adventurous route in the wilderness? Our Saudi Arabia Adventure Extensions offer an alternative path designed for more active tour participants!

Living Passages adventure excursion options highlight Moses’ time in the land of Midian and the Exodus crossing sites. Explore the real Mount Sinai by hiking and camping along the same route Moses may have taken.

Partake in classic fellowship and learning at the main sites throughout the tour but with extra activities added in as desired! If you enjoy an activity level that is different from your spouse or travel companion, you can select different activities. Choose the adventure that’s perfect for you! The overnight includes a special breakfast, dinner, and one climbing guide for 3-5 climbers (per guide).

Hiking Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia

Hiking & Climbing

  • Hike to Elijah’s Cave & the 70 Elders' Plateau.
  • Climb to the blackened peak of Jebel al-Lawz.
  • Overnight camping on the summit plateau of Jebel al-Lawz.
Snorkeling in the Red Sea Icon

Diving & Snorkeling

  • Explore the beautiful Red Sea by diving or snorkeling.
  • Dive at the mouth of Wadi Tayyib which leads to the Nuweiba crossing.
  • Dive and explore the Straits of Tiran near Egypt.
Rock formation mountains in Saudi Arabia desert
saudi arabia 4wd vehicles split rock
Richardson Shukron in Saudi Arabia
saudi arabia beach
Mount Sinai with Blue Skies
Horeb Elijahs Cave
Masada of Arabia 1
saudi arabia ladies with petroglyphs

Available Red Sea with Yanbu in Saudi Arabia Cruises:

Exodus Cruise 2023 | Visit Jordan, Saudi Arabia & Egypt

With Joel Richardson & Dr. Robert Cornuke
Days from $7,499 pp
Fall 2023 | Optional Extension: Wadi Rum and Mount Paran to Extensively see the Route of the Exodus via Land
More Details >
Author Joel Richardson - Headshot Biblical Explorer Bob Cornuke

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