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Christian Travel for the Intrepid Berean


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Remembering the Real Mount Sinai: The Forgotten Mountain of God

Mount Shada in Al Bahah, Saudi Arabia

Ancient history conceals giants of mystery. A symphony of archaeology, anthropology, epigraphy, and linguistics must harmonize to unveil truth. Forgotten history lays dormant – buried in sand, engraved on walls, and scripted on fragments of aging parchment. There is an old saying that rings true for these fields of research: A miss by an inch…

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NASA Technology Reveals Text from Dead Sea Scrolls

Dead Sea Scroll Fragments

For decades since the Dead Sea Scrolls were found, dozens of tiny fragments of the manuscripts have appeared blank. But archaeologists have used Nasa technology to unveil script on the fragments. It has opened the door to see text that previously was indistinguishable from the parchment paper they were written on, which has darkened with age. The…

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7 Ways Holy Land Tours Will Refresh Your Faith

View of Jerusalem's Old City in Israel at Sunset

Experiencing God’s Word come alive in the Holy Land of Israel and the surrounding Mediterranean is a beautiful way revitalize your walk with the Lord and enhance your vision as you study the Bible with leading scholars & archaeologists! Even if you’ve been to Israel before, our assurance is that our stunning Christian cruises and life-changing Christian tours are truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunities!

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