Serabit el-Khadim Sinai Peninsula, Egypt Tour – Rare Site

Serabit El Khadim Asiatics in Egypt

In the Northwest of Sinai’s sea coast, you will see very compelling Asiatic (Hebrew) stela features of nobles and soldiers who have the tell-tale mushroom hairstyles of the early Israelites. They are located at a turquoise mine site owned by the Pharoah of Joseph’s time. The context of the stela suggests that these Asiatics were…

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Top 7 Sites to Visit in Rome for the Christian Traveler

Top 7 Sites to Visit in Rome Trevi Fountain Rome Italia Featured

There are Many Sites to Visit in Rome for Christian Travelers, Here is a List of Some of Our Favorites: A Christian tour of Rome with Living Passages is a unique way to see one of the Mediterranean’s most popular travel destinations. Rome flaunts a rich history that stretches from the 9th century BC to…

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