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Saudi Arabia Christian Tours

The foundational narrative of the Exodus in the Old Testament contains some of the most vital and momentous accounts in Christian history. The quest to uncover the archeological and geological evidence of Israel's liberation from Egypt, mountain-top revelations, and ensuing desert wanderings have captured the hearts and minds of some of history’s most brilliant scholars and explorers. Cartographers, archeologists, scientists, adventurers, historians and disciples of all backgrounds have sought out the genuine locations as depicted in the ancient scriptures.

Finally – with the advent of state-of-the-art technology and the ever-increasing political stability of the region – the Northwest corner of Arabia has begun to divulge its buried secrets. Partake in exclusive access to historical sites in the land of Midian, while exploring recent findings and evidences with remarkable teachers. Survey Midyan, known by locals to be the home land of Jethro (the prophet named Shu’ayb). Examine the Split Rock of Horeb at Jabal Maqla, and the Jabal al Lawz mountain (also known as Jebel el Lawz, or Jebel al Lawz) - with its charred and blackened summit ascertained to be descended upon by God in fire from heaven.

Split Rock at Horeb in Saudi Arabia
Split Rock at Horeb in Saudi Arabia

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