Israel, Saudi Arabia & Jordan 2024 | Archaeological & Bible Study | Tim Remington & Eli Shukron

With Pastor Tim Remington & Eli Shukron

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August 30 – September 10, 2024 | Optional Saudi Arabia & Jordan Extension – September 9-16, 2024

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Tour Leaders:

Pastor Tim Remington & Eli Shukron


Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia



An Incredible Israel Bible Study Tour with Pastor Tim Remington and Archaeologist Eli Shukron. What could be better? Better would be to opt to add the foundational narrative of the Exodus that exists today in Saudi Arabia, which is outlined in the second book of the Torah. This planned journey contains some of the most vital places of Christ’s ministry and momentous accounts in both the New and the Old Testaments. Join us in our quest to uncover the archaeological and geological evidence, including the steps of the Lord Jesus Christ in Israel (with guide Eli Shukron, while in Israel). We couple this with the second greatest story to be told: the Exodus!

In Israel, you will spend time in Galilee, experience the area of Jerusalem where Jesus walked, places described in the Old Testament – with miraculous archaeology – and the areas that encompassed the teachings of Christ Jesus. While in Israel, Eli will showcase the newest archaeological discoveries surrounding Israel, the Second Temple, Pool of Siloam, Temple Zero, the Route to the Second Temple, Shiloh, and so much more!

Before entering Arabia with Pastor Tim, you will cross from Israel to Jordan and then see the recently revealed sites of the Exodus journeys of the Hebrews, all the way from the Red Sea Crossing up to what is believed to be Kadesh Barnea! You will visit the Split Rock of Horeb, camp at the base of Mount Sinai (Jabal al-Lawz) in Arabia, see the ancient inscriptions in the earliest Hebrew, visit the encampments, the altar to the Golden Calf, see the cemetery where the 3,000 are buried, the Nuweiba Red Sea crossing site and many other exciting sites! We highlight the trip in Jordan with a visit to Mount Paran, Wadi Rum, Petra, Beidha, Mount Nebo, and Tell al Hammam (Sodom and Gomorrah).

Enjoy overnight stays in well-chosen locations including a beautiful, 5-star resort hotel on the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia. You may also choose an optional night of camping with us at the base of Mount Sinai for the full Moses-and-Hebrew experience under this impressive mountain which sports a mysterious blackened top! You will be one of the earliest travelers to be able to see the mysteries that have been behind locked fences inside what was Jethro’s Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Once inside the Northwest corner of Arabia, its secrets which were once unreachable will be better understood. We will spend time visiting the archaeological aspects of Midian – the Land of Jethro and his son-in-law Moses – and walk the ancient inscription route of Rephidim and Horeb at the massive Split Rock where Moses struck the boulder and God miraculously provided water from within.

Pastor Remington has been to Israel well over 16 times and he has developed this itinerary in tandem with Eli. It will be a time of fellowship and learning together.
The basic tour of Israel excluding airfare begins at $3,499 per person (sharing a double room). For those of you who fly from Spokane, we have a limited number of seats on Delta Airlines at an add-on of $1,295 per person. You are welcome to arrange your own airfare. See the terms and conditions, where you will find the air schedule. If you arrive earlier or at the same time as the group, you can take our transfers. The same applies in regard to the return flights.

If you choose to take the entire trip – Israel, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia with Mount Sinai – the cost of the entire trip starts at $6,699 per person (sharing a double room), if you choose our air add-on, it is either $1,597 from Spokane or $1,335 from Los Angeles.

Visas are required for entry into Jordan and Saudi Arabia and will be obtained on your behalf. There is a combined charge of $290 for the required visas.
We do match roommates, or you can invite someone yourself if you are traveling alone. We will also be pre-collecting minimum tips.

You may also choose to take ONLY the Saudi Arabia Mount Sinai and Jordan Exodus tour with us. If that is the case, you will either meet us in Eilat, Israel, on September 10 or be in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia, by September 9. The land cost for this portion only is $3,395 per person (sharing a double).

Camping at the Base of the Blackened-top of Mount Sinai!

Saudi Climbing

This will be a true adventure in an historic wilderness! Our Saudi Arabia overnight camping is designed for the intrepid adventurer. While camping isn’t necessary to see the site of Mount Sinai, Jabal al-Lawz and Jabal Maqla, you WILL need to camp in order to CLIMB Mount Sinai. The optional camping night includes private tents — with a SHARED, mobile bathroom — mobile kitchen, and a large, Arabian tent set-up for teachings and fellowship — all at the base of Mount Sinai.

Those who have the desire to camp while traveling with someone who’s more into resort-lodging can rest assured that their companion’s comforts will be readily accommodated at the Red Sea Hotel with the rest of the group. The camping add-on is $650 and includes a special breakfast, dinner and a trekking guide to the mountain. Even those who opt not to climb can still enjoy the camping trip!

Camping & Climbing: Overnight at the Jabal al-Law!

  • Hike to Elijah’s Cave.
  • Hike, boulder, and climb to the 70 Elders’ Plateau.
  • Overnight camping under the summit plateau of Jabal al-Lawz.
  • Bouldering and climbing under the blackened peak of Jabal al-Lawz.

To access the detailed day-to-day itinerary and tour details, please request a travel brochure.

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  • 9-Nights in Israel in superbly-selected accommodations to maximize our off-hours and fellowship

  • 4-Nights/5-days in Saudi Arabia

  • 3-Nights/4-days in Jordan

  • All meals except 4 lunches during the entire journey

  • All teachings in Israel by Pastor Tim Remington and expert archaeological guidance by Jerusalem’s own Eli Shukron

  • Option to include round-trip, group-negotiated airfare

  • All transfers

  • All entrance fees and special appointments

  • All permits for entrances within Saudi Arabia and Jordan

  • Option for a unique Bedouin camping experience at Jabal al-Lawz (Mount Sinai)

  • Reading materials including study guides on the Exodus route

  • Four-wheel-drive transportation for the Saudi expedition; comfortable bus transportation in Israel

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  • August 30 – September 10/16, 2024
  • Detailed Itinerary by Request Only
  • Please request a brochure in order to access the full day-to-day itinerary and tour details.

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Pastor Tim Remington

Senior Pastor Altar Church
Coeur d’Alene, ID

Originally from Riverside, CA, Pastor Tim moved to Northern Idaho and began his work with the people who are ignored, those who have problems with drugs, alcohol and perversion. In 1985, Tim and his wife Cindy began taking people into their home to help them. This practice grew into their Mentor Home Ministry and Good Samaritan Rehabilitation.

As senior pastor at the Altar Church in Coeur d’Alene, Tim is a favorite teacher and has won numerous awards, including the annual Idaho Chooses Life “Friend for Life” Award. It is given to people who have made extraordinary contributions to the defense of preborn children. We are grateful for their leadership and commitment to the Gospel of Life.

“Cindy and I have been blessed with four children. My love is my family and my Lord. My passion is to worship; my desire is to show the joy of the Lord to others in all that I do.”

Recently, Pastor Tim has been most remembered by the community as the miracle pastor who, by the grace of God, survived multiple gunshot wounds from a gunman who attacked Tim in his church parking lot. Rather than hate his attacker, Pastor Tim and his church pray for him in hopes he will find Jesus. “People just wrote us, baskets and baskets of letters from people who were praying for us and people getting saved locally right here, and people around the world, just getting saved over it,”said Tim. “What God was doing even in my life. When I said that I had no animosity against the shooter, that caused a great healing in other people’s lives for some reason. The Lord just allowed that to happen.” Tim said, “God preserved me, He saved me. And it was a miracle. Absolutely a miracle.”

Israeli Archaeologist Eli Shukron

Eli Shukron

Archeologist & Israeli Guide
Jerusalem, Israel

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