Ark of the Covenant Expeditions & Axum Tours

Explore the historical Axum Empire on adventurous expeditions seeking the Ark of the Covenant.

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Join us as we combine the adventure of an African safari, the mystery of following the route of the Ark of the Covenant, the truth of seeing God’s Word come to life in the people of Axum, Ethiopia, and the joy of attending a festival that has been celebrated since the Ethiopian eunuch of Jesus’ time.

Ethiopia Tour with the Timket Festival

Teachings by Pastor Dave McGarrah

January 16 - 26, 2021   |   Optional Gheralta Post-Tour: Jan 25 - 29, 2021

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Our Ethiopia tours offer the chance to explore the Biblical history and archaeology of this Judeo-Christian country. You will gain valuable insight about Ethiopia’s Judaeo history from an archaeological and church practice perspective.

Experience first-hand the rich culture of Ethiopia as you visit Christian sites including the suggested home of the Ark of the Covenant, Yeha Temple, and many hand-cut rock churches. Additionally, your jaw will surely drop as you witness breathtaking scenery like Lake Tana, Tana Kirkos & Daga Islands, the Grand Canyon of Africa, and Rift Valley’s filled with exotic wildlife.

Explore the ancient Empire of Axum (also known as the Kingdom of Aksum). Enjoy an ancient celebration that’s been practiced since the time of King David. Explore Lalibela – a UNESCO World Heritage Site with magnificent archaeological finds.


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Visit the ancient Christian city of Axum (also known as Aksum). See the world’s tallest steles, the church of the Ark of the Covenant, the Queen of Sheba’s Bath, and the Tomb of Bazen.

Axum Ethiopia Landscape Panorama


Visit the UNESCO World Heritage site of Lalibela with its ancient rock-hewn churches. Referred to as 'New Jerusalem' - the location is a unique Judeo-Christian pilgrimage destination.

Lalibela Rock Hewn Church in Ethiopia
Lake Tana Islands and Boatman


Explore a remote island called Tana Kirkos on Lake Tana. See the altar where the Ark of the Covenant sat. Stop at ancient monasteries and fishing villages that are still utilizing ancient practices.

Axum Ethiopia Bible in Colorful Church


Visit the Debre Damo monastery upon a flat-top mountain in Tigray. Use leather straps to scale the side of the mountain and see legendary Christian relics!

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