Uncovering the Mystery of Melchizedek in Ethiopia

Melchizedek in Ethiopia on Christian TourEvidence of Melchizedek, the most mysterious Biblical man mentioned in the Bible, has been uncovered in our travels throughout Ethiopia and Israel. Back in 2016, we had an exciting time in Israel with Bob Cornuke of BASE Institute.  There were many elements of discovery unveiled on this trip, one of which may lead to archaeological evidence of Melchizedek.  If you haven’t had an opportunity yet to listen to Chuck Missler’s impressive film on this mysterious person, we encourage you to purchase it for yourself.

We had another compelling mention of Melchizedek on our last trip to Ethiopia.  We visited one of the mountain-top, rock churches located outside of Axum in the Northern part of the country.  We have a friend who has written a book about Melchizedek from information gleaned from ancient manuscripts buried in the Ethiopian churches.  The book is entitled “The Hidden and Untold History of the Jewish People and the Ethiopians” by Dr. Fikre Tolossa.  It is an informative collection of the precious history that has been collected in ancient documents and remains safe in Ethiopia. After reading Fikre’s book, we visited some of the unique places that house the manuscripts themselves.  This would be a great trip for those of you who enjoy great archaeology, lovely lodges and great hikes! One of the great surprises we were able to experience was a 3rd Century B.C., Christian church high atop a mountain that holds a painting of Melchizedek.  Adjacent to the painting, was the church’s Holy of Holies, as seen here. The alcove represented here is where some of the manuscripts are kept.

Recently, our expert guide and renowned archaeologist Eli Shukron went into new findings related to Melchizedek in Jerusalem. His landmark discovery of a mysterious standing stone regarded as “Temple Zero” further proves the existence of the Biblical priest.

Watch the full interview here:

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