Experience an Ark of the Covenant Christian Tour in Ethiopia

Rock Hewn Churches of Lalibela in Ethiopia
Rock Hewn Churches of Lalibela in Ethiopia

Imagine yourself combining the adventure of an African safari, the mystery of following the route of the Ark of the Covenant, and watching the truth of God’s word come to life.  During your Christian tour through Ethiopia, you will have the opportunity to see ancient Biblical manuscripts and evidence of thousands of years of Jewish communities. You will stay in lovely lodges in various places, including on Lake Tana, Lalibela, and Axum. This journey will take you all over the African country, focusing on some of the most remarkable Christian history led by International explorers. You will experience the culture and Biblical sites of Ethiopia on this truly memorable tour. We want you to see why we have such a love for this special place on earth. All expeditions include meals, airfare, touring, transportation, and tips!

Adventure Through Ethiopia

Our Ethiopian Christian tours offer you extraordinary time to investigate the biblical history and archaic exploration of this Judaic-Christian nation. You will experience the culture and biblical sites of Ethiopia on this truly memorable tour. We handle the details and amenities, so you can focus on the passion our guides bring to your tour experience. Additionally, your jaw will surely drop as you witness breathtaking scenery like Lake Tana, Tana Kirkos & Daga Islands, the Grand Canyon of Africa, and Rift Valley’s filled with exotic wildlife. Ethiopian tours in January observe the celebration of Timket. Timket is the re-enactment of the time that King David brought the Ark to Jerusalem and danced before it. One of the fantastic features of traveling with Living Passages will be seeing various festival dates, such as the cloth-covered “Ark of the Covenant” replica paraded through town. The journey will take you through the most remarkable Christian histories of the world. Following the path of the Ark of the Covenant, your tour guide will be sharing his wisdom on the likely fate of the Ark. We shares his belief of Ethiopia holding the key to the Ark’s final resting place.

Following the Ark of the Covenant

While the Ark of the Covenants’ location is a mystery, you will experience first-hand the suggested home of the Ark. When traveling to Ethiopia on the various festival dates, you will be able to see the “Ark of the Covenant” replica paraded by a troupe of chanting priests. They lead this procession wearing replicas of the tablets (tabot) on their heads. They hold silk umbrellas, which are symbols of heaven, swinging incense burners, beating drums, and clapping sistras (cymbal-like instruments). These modern priests recall the ancient Israelites described in the Bible. In 1st Chronicles 15:16, David told the leaders of the Levites to appoint their fellow Levites as musicians to make a joyful sound with musical instruments: lyres, harps, and cymbals. Ethiopian people walk, for miles, barefoot to worship together. There is so much to learn on these tours about Ethiopia’s traditional worship, music, and dance. Not only is there worship and music from the First Temple time-period, but even Ethiopian Christians follow dietary rules that are similar to Jewish Kashrut. On one of our trips to Ethiopia, you can visit Christian sites like the Sabean (Sheba) Temple, built-in 700 BC.

God’s Word Comes to Life

Our tours include seeing through the eyes of the Ethiopian people. You will be traveling to areas of breathtaking beauty while watching God’s word come to life. Your Ethiopia tour will offer you Biblical history and archaeology of this country, providing valuable insights into Ethiopia’s Judaic history from an archaeological and biblical practice perspective. We visit various churches, some even dating back to 460 AD. Each church has its own hand-scribed Bible, kept under lock and key. You will visit the communities of Beta Israel while continuing to learn more about their rich cultural heritage. This is the reason why the Old Testament practices are so prevalent. By going on an Ethiopian tour, you will encounter the varied festivals, traditions, and locations written in scripture.

Our Ethiopian tours are your chance to take the adventure of a lifetime. Your journey will combine an expedition and ancient festivals, all while seeing God’s word come alive.

The problem is most Christians never experience the Bible in real life. In today’s society, we are busy, we tend to overlook the significance of the past, and we often miss the opportunity of how history is shaping our lives today. Therefore, don’t let another year go by without booking your tour. Ethiopian tours have limited space (around 20 people), so reserve your position now!

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