If you have an interest in learning more about what the Exodus story is, first we would like to direct you to two online links that will take you to the book of Exodus in the Bible in almost ANY language.


Any Language

Any Language

Any Language

If you would like to learn from someone who teaches on the Exodus route, we have two avenues below and they are both free.

Enjoy and we hope to see you on the journey!


Joel Richardson

  • One of favorite study teachers on the Exodus route offers an entire website of free materials to learn about the importance of the Exodus story in the life of everyone on earth.  His main book on Mount Sinai in Arabia can be found free here.  Or go to all of his materials by visiting this website:  Resources - Joel's Trumpet (joelstrumpet.com)  He has many other books in many languages and Joel offers them free to anyone who wishes to learn about this significant event.  When a Jew Rules the World and many more! 


Hebrew Gospel

Patricia Shader and John

  • Patricia Shader and her husband John traveled on one of our early Exodus expeditions to Saudi Arabia.  Patti’s bio states:  She has a Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction.She is passionate about God's Word and bird photography. She has been married 42 years and has two grown sons with wives and children of their own.  She loves Chuck Missler as many of us at Living Passages do and has utilized many of his commentaries to glean some of her personal study.  We wanted to share with you some of her work and encourage you as you prepare for your own Exodus expedition to take time to study The Word for yourself and immerse yourself in other studies.  It will help you get the most out of your time while you are there.  We look forward to seeing you and spending time with you in fellowship on the Exodus route!  Rhonda Sand


Bible Study 1

  Lesson 1: Journey to the Real Mt. Sinai "Introduction" (birdchurch.net)  There are a total of 12 Bible studies on Patti’s birdchurch.net website, we encourage you to visit her and take all of them!  Below is Lesson 1 for a sample:

There are actually six mountains that are the strongest current candidates for the real Mt. Sinai in the world today. Why is it even important that we locate the correct one? As we rapidly approach the end times, in a world that is whirling and swirling around us, we as Christians in America are under an all out assault for our beliefs. We believe in Jesus. And we believe in the word of God. All of it. With no excuses. Any archaeological finds that validate the Bible these days strengthens not only our own personal faith, but the testimony of Judaism and Christianity at large.

After visiting Saudi Arabia and the ancient land of Midian myself, I can testify that there is an undeniable underlying excitement about this mountain. Maybe it is because it has been untouched by the world for so long... Maybe because we know it is where God himself came to earth to speak to Moses... Maybe because the secrets of this sandy desert are being revealed to us as the end approaches!

This twelve-week class will be a study of the book of Exodus, using video based learning, verse by verse study of the Bible using the commentary by Chuck Missler, and supplemental short video clips and websites. We will also be using books by Glen Fritz and Joel Richardson as resources. The goal is not only to learn the basic narrative, but also look for biblical clues for the location of the real Mt. Sinai and other locations mentioned in the Bible.

Also, we will be looking for foreshadowing of both the first and second coming of Christ. While you listen to the video, be ready to share something meaningful you learned from the lesson. Click Here for the worksheet and lesson plan.

Play Introductory Video that is on youtube on the above link

Discuss Video:

  1. Share something meaningful you learned from this lesson.
  2. Why do you think it might be important to locate the real Mt. Sinai?
  3. Why might the brothers of Joseph be fearful about his death? What does Joseph’s request for his bones to be taken to the Promised Land show about his faith?
  4. Why was it important for God to let Abraham know what he was going to do in the future?
  5. The Hebrew midwives lied to Pharaoh about the baby boys. Why do you think God blessed them for it? When is it okay for us to disobey government authority?
  6. Why do you think that God allowed his people to be enslaved in bondage?
  7. The Bible says that the more the Hebrews were afflicted, the more they grew. How can we relate that concept to our own lives? The persecuted church?

Next: Read Exodus Chapter One! Or...read Chuck Missler’s Exodus Chapter 1 and Introduction. Locate Goshen, Pithom and Rameses on the map.


For more information on some of the areas that we study during our tours, please visit our blog here.  You can query most any subject that we have focused on in our journeys.  Thank you for visiting!