We’ve taken thousands of travelers around the world to experience God’s Word in living color on a Christian tour or cruise to Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Israel, Europe, Africa, and even Ethiopia. They come back brimming with stories, full of excitement about what they have learned and having made new friends for life. Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what some of our guests have to say about their experience with Living Passages.

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Dear Friends,

It has been my privilege to lead eight or nine trips to Europe (along with two Biblical cruises)  with Living Passages, and have enjoyed their planning of the tours and their oversight of the many details even as we travel etc. Through this, Rhonda has become a special friend who almost always has personally  accompanied us on our tours to make sure that all would go smoothly.  I can recommend Living Passages without hesitation.  

— Erwin Lutzer

Pastor Emeritus at Moody Church


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I simply wanted to thank you for your hard work in solving the myriad of issues that must have proceeded it. I send my great appreciation for the whole team you put together.

The accommodations were four-star. All our meals abundant and delicious. The drivers were exhilarating friendly and most personable.

We particularly appreciated Walid and the camp out at Mount Sinai it was truly an Arabian cultural experience (thanks in large part to Walid's presence and person) and I am glad it was not actually the "glamping" implied in the written description. It was far more real and substantive.

We are still digesting the meat of the experience and will no doubt have more to share. I took over 2,750 images and have so far written 4 poems. So again more to come as the Spirit moves.

-Mark & Kathryn Parry

@ Sinai 2

Mount Sinai is there.

Was it a matchstick formed at creation sparked by his Presence?

Is it an Idea formed through the sands of religious times?

Is it a symbol formed through the sands of minds?

Whatever it is, it is there to be reckoned with.

For it is there.


-Mark & Kathryn Parry

I have been traveling since our trip to Sinai, I’m finally home….wow.

Amazing trip, thank you for coming and sharing and putting this together, I have been blessed because of it.
I wanted to see if you can share on speech that you did regarding Jethro and the family relationship….I came in the middle of that speech and sorry I missed the beginning of it.

Look forward to future adventures.

Warm regards,


I just wanted to say a few words about the recent trip to Israel. To say it surpassed my expectations is an understatement. 

The food (whether in a hotel or in a restaurant) was outstanding. Everything ran so smoothly that despite an intense schedule no stress seemed apparent. 

The teaching of Frank and the archaeological knowledge of Eli combined to give an experience that I don’t think could be improved at all. Both men bounced off each other well as I’m sure they know each other very well and it also helps that they are brilliant communicators with a great sense of humor and dry wit in the case of Eli !

-Séamus English

We have no words To express our gratitude To our Abba for This divine appointment.  We just got home. Long trip, great memories, and a big desire to Have more intimacy with our savior, our bridegroom.  Yeshua our king!

-Carmen D.

Thank you for arranging a most enjoyable and instructive trip. Frank and Eli were superb guides - it was truly a blessing to be able to travel with and learn from them.

-Coralie S.

Kay and I wanted to thank you for a wonderful trip to Africa ... We met so many wonderful people on the tour and they will be lifetime friends.  What an adventure we had with them.  You did such a good job looking out for everyone.  You were able to take us on amazing trips to the Lion walk, Monkey refuge, and Elephant encounter, and all of the safaris.  May God continue to bless you in all that you do and on all of your travels.


-Buddy Davis, Answers in Genesis

My family enjoyed the experience of a lifetime on our Living Passages trip to South Africa. We learned a lot. We had many fun and exciting adventures. And last but certainly not least, we enjoyed fellowship with one another, meeting great new friends and spent a humbling and heart touching day in the mission field. I would gladly recommend Living passages for your next adventure that you won't forget.

- Peter K.

This was a "dream come true" adventure for me. I was a little intimidated about going to another continent with a group of total strangers. But on the first leg, I met three remarkable ladies and we are now sisters! Everyone on this adventure is praising God and giving Him the glory for the breathtaking beauty of Africa ... especially the morning sun!

-Sherry W.

Rhonda, thank you and your staff for a GREAT Reformation tour. Our tour benefited from your experience and planning.


Working with you was a great experience and I definitely am thinking about what we could do in the future.


I’m still living off of and thinking about the things we learned. I want to soak in all that the Lord wants to impact me with from our trip.


What an amazing experience you crafted for us! Thank you so much for all you did to plan, troubleshoot, herd and provide an incredible trip for our group! I can’t say enough good about the whole experience.

-Jenny B.

…now reflecting on amazing trip which more than met expectations! Much appreciation to you and your staff for excellent organization with an eye-for-detail! – looking forward to the next trip.

-David S.

The trip was so inspirational. I grew spiritually because I was able to see some of the places where Paul spread the gospel.

-Doris M.

To see Biblical sites in which Paul ministered as well as see sites of some of the churches of Revelation was an opportunity of a lifetime. The Bible teaching was absolutely outstanding. Of course, being on a sailing ship was delightful as well. I highly recommend a Footsteps of Paul.

-Irma H.

All I can say is AMAZING…FANTASTIC…UNBELIEVABLE and STUNNING! Every family member said it was our best trip yet, and we have had lots and lots of fantastic trips in the past 20 years!

-Sunshine & Fred S.

Thanks so much for an amazing trip! I will never forget it with Sherry’s Wedding/1st Anniversary vow renewal and Ryan’s baptism in Jordan where Jesus was baptized!! My Dad at 85 keeping up with everything and having a good time!!

-Donna J.

This trip was exciting! We visited many important Biblical sights that will enlighten our Bible reading forever. We got a lifetime of memories!

-Loyd & Joanie O.

The trip broadened my perspective on Paul’s journeys and the Star Clipper was a wonderful way to travel to the port cities. This was on my “bucket list” for several years until the right itinerary came along (extended to Thessaloniki, Philippi, and Berea), and I was not disappointed!

-Kris K.

Living Passages also facilitates all Koinonia House’s unique tours. The staff is always friendly and handles the myriad of complex travel details associated with large groups in the most professional manner. I cannot overstate how pleased I am with the service and professionalism of this outstanding organization.

-Chuck Missler, Koinonia House

Thank you – you did a fantastic job – know the Lord was leading you because we met so many wonderful people.

-Rose T.

Bob, Rhonda, & Misgana make a perfect trio. This has been the most meaningful trip of my life – don’t change much, especially Axum and Tana Kirkos!

-Robert L.

I don’t feel we missed a single point of interest in Egypt.  What a fabulous experience!   Egypt in the Bible has so much more meaning to me.

-Millie M.

Thank you for making this trip to Israel an enlightening experience. Not only did the trip increase my knowledge of the Bible and ancient history, it had a profound impact on my beliefs about and understanding of Christianity. Prior to the trip, my beliefs were primarily based on blind faith. However, I’ve returned with a softened heart and sharpened mind, both of which have opened the door to Christ.

-Shari D.

This was a well-coordinated trip. Everything was taken care of from the time we boarded the ship until the final breakfast in the hotel in Istanbul. I would recommend this company to everyone who so desired to travel as we did.

-Ruth T.

I just received word from Florine about the refund of the insurance cost for those of us who had to cancel.  It really means a lot to me that you went the extra mile and accomplished this feat in today’s cold and cutthroat business world.  My thanks to you and your organization for caring.

May God’s richest blessings be yours.


This was my first small group tour so I can’t compare to anything else.  However, the inherent complexities were handled very well, and without undo visibility to us, the participants.  Debra was outstanding in keeping things moving, upbeat, and fun!

-Bill & Dorothy J.

Living Passages puts together a great tour. Nice to have both a guide for what the Bible has to say about an area and a local guide who knows the current and archaeological information of the area as well.

-Bill & Cory F.

The superior attitudes of the staff (patient, adjustable, humorous) made the trip A++!  Thanks!

-Carol B.

Thanks for a Great Trip!  Very meaningful – we gained new spiritual insights.

-Rosanne V.

I loved it!  It truly was the adventure of a lifetime.  My son had a wonderful experience, too.  Thank you for making the trip kid-friendly!

-Loretta & Jacob S.

Great way to vacation and explore the Apostle Paul’s adventures spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

-Bruce L.

We truly enjoyed our trip Following the Footsteps of Paul with Living Passages! We were excited to have journeyed to so many significant places from his missionary trips and were also blessed by the fellowship with other pilgrims on this journey! Living Passages took care of every detail, and it was an elegant, meaningful and unforgettable experience! Thank you to Living Passages and the Star Clipper teams!

-Lauren K.

Florine, Wow what a trip! So did you add in the bus accident with no one killed for a thrill!!?? It was amazing. I would guess Tim showed you photos? It turned into a witnessing event for our Muslim guides. God works in amazing ways we will never understand.  Just wanted to send a word of thanks. Everything went as planned. Rome, can’t wait to go back! Never again to Egypt, once is enough for us.  I highly recommend your company and use us as reference. 

Thanks again and God bless!

-Drew & Chelle C.

…finding the best way to thank you for making the trip to Italy possible; It was FABULOUS! I have dreamed of going to Europe since third grade and now it has happened! …the trip was more than I dreamed of! …Lindsey poured herself into making the tour an opportunity to see very special sights….You may have guessed by now that I enjoyed this trip clear to the bone marrow!….They were on top of every issue presenting itself and handled everything quietly and efficiently and always in a great spirit. Kudos!!!

-Carlyne, a 3C's traveler in reference to their most recent trip to Italy

As it was the first tour I have ever taken, I am very pleased with the trip.  It was a wonderful experience, great people and most interesting places, I’d go again in a heartbeat!  Thank you!

-Louise M.

It was my first trip of this kind and I enjoyed every minute of it!  Nancy, with whom I talked a lot, was most kind, helping me with everything.

-Janny V.

Wow …. what a trip.  Our landscape architect was telling us about a couple places we must visit in Spain, Ronda was one of them and another one.  I immediately went to the itinerary and both are on there.  You are amazing.

-Sherry B.

Everything was wonderful, and first class. Hotels and ship were top of the line. Our Greek Orthodox guide, Sayat was fantastic. So much knowledge and history and enthusiasm! Pastor Lutzer’s teachings were much enjoyed and enlightening. Rebecca is a sweetheart.


It’s been about a month since I returned from Israel, so it is way past time to thank you for putting together a true trip of a lifetime! It was all and more than I expected … and I have about 500 photos to prove it. And Roman was a fantastic guide! He was a wealth of knowledge — biblical, messianic, archaeological, historical, cultural…he gave us all some new and exciting perspectives!

-Monica H.

I looked at my net bank this morning and the hundred euro has been credited back on the card. We would like to thank you for the way that you have handled this. Also the pleasure and blessing it has been getting to know you and the others from the States. Being on this tour has been our privilege. Thank you once again!

-Paul & Helen

I love to travel but this tour was the adventure of a lifetime. Everything was first class: the hotels, the ship, the food, the guides and the teaching.


I learned a lot, experienced a lot, and created great memories. Great overall experience. Local guides were mostly excellent….knowledgeable and friendly. Rhonda is very helpful and professionally competent in all she does.

-Richard & Bobby

Rhonda was wonderful–very accessible and always working to make sure trip was good for everyone. The local guide we had in Rhodes and in Turkey were two of the best guides we have ever had!

-Karyn & Geoffrey

I have very fond memories of this trip!


Rhonda, you and your entire team did an awesome job and deserve a pat on the back!

-Clint U.

Very personal service whenever I had questions!


Everything ran smoothly. What a lot of logistical planning went into this trip. Greatly appreciated! We will see you again!

-Bob & Ginny S.

Couldn’t have been better!  Loved Tim’s piano playing and singing in the lounge.  Everything was great!


 I also want to thank you for the prayer time we had together.  That was very special for me and I have no doubt God heard our prayers.


The city of Ephesus was unbelievable and the dinner at the library was remarkable. Santorini was such a beautiful island. Rhodes was interesting. Acropolis and Parthenon plus Corinth had amazing teachings. What a blessing!

-Roger & Carole

I enjoyed this tour so much, that I’d like to do it again sometime, maybe in the Spring season. PS…our group enjoyed each others’ company so much that we are having a reunion party coming up on Monday the 21st!

-Monica H.

You did a fabulous job and we would love to go with you wherever you conduct other tours.  Please keep us informed of any future tours.

-Carol & Bob