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Living Passages announces a new slate of featured tours and cruises – Footsteps of Paul and Holy Lands excursions

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Living Passages 105 N 1st Street, Suite 200 Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814 Coeur d’Alene, ID – Living Passages offers Christian tours and cruises that enlighten travelers’ understanding of Biblical history and archaeology while they experience five-star luxury and a distinctive community experience. As vacationers visit the Holy Land via tours and cruises, the history and…

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NASA technology reveals text from Dead Sea Scrolls

Dead Sea Scrolls

For decades since the Dead Sea Scrolls were found, dozens of tiny fragments of the manuscripts have appeared blank.  But archaeologists have used Nasa technology to unveil script on the fragments. It has opened the door to see text that previously was indistinguishable from the parchment paper they were written on, which has darkened with age.  The…

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Dr. Erwin Lutzer’s Reformation Tour Travels to the Grave of John Wesley

Dr. Lutzer in Europe at the grave of John Wesley

Traveling through Britain and Scotland on a Christian tour, Dr. Erwin Lutzer’s reformation journey explored the lives of the Reformation leaders. Here, Dr. Lutzer talks about the history of John Wesley and Pilgrim’s Progress author John Bunyan. We visited the chapel of the great evangelist John Wesley & his nearby grave. Mr. Wesley was not…

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Mount Zion might not be where we always thought

The traditional Mount Zion in the Old City of Jerusalem

  For decades, tourists have made a traditional circle through the Old City of Jerusalem, visiting so called biblical sites including Mount Zion. Shops have cropped up at these sites, selling wares and trinkets. It’s become its own economy, where it is less important that biblical events actually happened there, and more important that loads…

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2019 Christian Cruise with Craig A. Evans

Dead Sea Scrolls

There is something powerful about seeing Scripture in its original form – catching a glimpse of the handwriting of John or the script of Mark. Many are now scraps of yellowed paper, preserved between pieces of glass, worn at the edges. But pieced together, these fragments show an amazing picture: The origins of Scripture. Across…

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Joseph Farah’s Upcoming Book: The Gospel in Every Book of the Old Testament

During the writing and research of Joseph Farah’s most recent 2017 title, The Restitution of All Things: Israel, Christians, and the End of the Age, he began focusing on what Jesus called “the gospel of the kingdom.” He observed that most definitions of the gospel revolve around personal salvation, rather than worldwide redemption, on which…

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Christian Tours Exploring the Temple of Tel-Arad, Israel


As Bible scholars and history buffs flock to biblical sites and discuss ancient temples, one that is lesser known is the temple at Tel-Arad. That’s likely because it made only a brief appearance in Scripture. Arad is a city in the south of Israel, on the border of the Negev and Judean Deserts. Tel-Arad lies five…

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City of David Reveals Biblical History & Prophesy in Modern Times

City of David

“Shake off your dust; rise up, sit enthroned, Jerusalem.” Isaiah 52:2 Who would have thought that in modern times, we would get to watch this happen before our eyes through the excavation of the City of David? The City of David, which experts now believe to be the ancient Jerusalem, was discovered only 150 years…

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Joel Richardson, founder of Joel’s Trumpet, leading Christian tour to Israel

Joel Richardson and Joel’s Trumpet Joel Richardson, New York Times Bestselling Author and founder of Joel’s Trumpet Ministry, is leading a Christian tour to Israel and Jordan in April, 2019.  With a special love for all the people-groups of the Middle East, Joel travels globally teaching on the gospel, how to live with Biblical hope,…

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Why are Jews Forbade from Walking Under Rome’s Arch of Titus?

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The answer lies, in the often missed, small and obscure, 1900-year-old plaque, on the second floor of the nearby Roman Coliseum. The plaque identifies the Roman Coliseum as having been built by 20,000 Jewish Slaves that were brought to Rome by Titus less than a generation from the date that Jesus foretold the destruction.  Our…

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