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Uncovering Jerusalem’s Pilgrim Road with Eli Shukron

Eli Shukron Exploring Cave in Israel

Our featured tour guide Eli Shukron was instrumental in the archaeological discovery of Jerusalem’s Pilgrimage Road hidden underneath the City of David! Exciting findings are still going on in Israel! The main thoroughfare – labeled Jerusalem’s Pilgrim Road – was recently discovered in Israel.  This road was used by pilgrims traveling to the temple during…

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These are the two most perfect Israel Tours in 2020

Israel tours in 2020 with Eli Shukron and Frank Turek

There is always something to see in Israel. From the Temple Mount, to Nazareth, and down to the Dead Sea, the wonders of the Holy Land have fascinated travelers for thousands of years. Those who have been to Israel themselves, understand the draw of the breathtaking landscape and ancient structures. But more important than the…

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7 Ways Holy Land Tours Will Refresh Your Faith

View of Jerusalem's Old City in Israel at Sunset

Experiencing God’s Word come alive in the Holy Land of Israel and the surrounding Mediterranean is a beautiful way revitalize your walk with the Lord and enhance your vision as you study the Bible with leading scholars & archaeologists! Even if you’ve been to Israel before, our assurance is that our stunning Christian cruises and life-changing Christian tours are truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunities!

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Mark Looy of AiG Leads a South African Creation Safari

Answers in Genesis co-founder, Mark Looy

World-Traveler, Sports Writer, and Answers in Genesis Co-Founder Mark Looy is Going in Search of Big Game on a Creation Safari! Answers in Genesis is one of the largest Christian organizations in the country. With so many Christian individuals, families, and churches utilizing their resources to help further God’s work, it’s no surprise that AiG…

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Joseph Farah and WND: The Unique Work of a Christian-led News Organization

News has never been as plentiful as it is right now. Everywhere we go on the internet, we find ourselves looking at what is happening in the world. Not only on the news channels and websites, but through social media, and even through entertainment. Social critique, politics, and world-views are clashing head-to-head all around us.…

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