Elephant Encounter on a Family Safari in South Africa

africa elephant hugging

Have you ever wanted to give an elephant a hug? How does watching your grandkids get to play some fun games with one of these majestic creatures? Our small-group family safaris offer just this thing. Talk about fun for the whole family!

On our South African Safaris, you will have an opportunity to experience these beautiful creatures and learn of the importance of conservation. You’ll meet the herd and learn all about them from trunk tip to tail, as well as their unique personalities, abilities, intelligence, and quirks in this wonderful and immersive educational experience. Not only will you enjoy an educational experience, but you will have a unique opportunity to touch and hug these gentle giants.

Elephant Encounter

To top it all off, our luxury safari offers a chance to enjoy a sunset walk, as the elephants head to the watering hole. By far one of the most favorite experiences of all our guests, it is sure to be a time your family will never forget. This breathtaking sight affords some of the most memorable moments and picture opportunities for your whole family. This will be a moment you will never forget.

girl watching elephants africa safari

What Will They Remember?


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