Mount Sinai in Arabia

Img Desert Landscape Sinai In Arabia

Evidence from scripture and ancient Greek historians state that Mount Sinai is located in Saudi Arabia. Explore Apostle Paul’s statement, “…Hagar is Mount Sinai in Arabia…” (Galatians 4:25) through the lineage of Hagar.

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Biblical History Written in Stone: Grand Canyon Christian Tour

6,000 feet deep, and over 200 miles long, and one of the World’s oldest natural wonders, the Grand Canyon is perhaps the most awe-inspiring place on earth. Looking over the edge you can see down into the depths where water once coursed through the Arizona desert to gorge the great walls that run below. Such an…

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David’s Poetry Tells History of Creation

A King’s Lesson about Creation Which would you typically read as historical text – narration or poetry? While narration is how we usually see historical events recorded (first this, then that, and so on), Biblical poetry gives us significant information about the history of creation. King David is a young earth Creationist, who writes the theme into the book…

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