Cruise through the Mediterranean Sea, Greek Islands, and Turkey, following the Apostle Paul's missionary journeys!

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Available Footsteps of Paul Tours & Cruises:

Greece, Italy & Turkey 2025 | Biblical Mediterranean Christian Cruise | Randy Mantel

With Randy Mantel
Days from $3,899 pp
May 9-18, 2025 | Athens/Corinth 3-Night Optional Extension | May 18-21, 2025
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randy mantel

Greece, Turkey & Italy 2025 | Footsteps of Paul Christian Cruise | Bryan Hughes

With Pastor Bryan Hughes
Days from $3,999 pp
June 7-16, 2025 | 3-Night Optional Rome Extension | June 16-19, 2025
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Our Footsteps of Paul Tours and Cruises are Inspirational Biblical Adventures!

There are few human figures whose ministry has had the impact Paul’s has. His life and death are an inspiration to Christians worldwide. What if you could follow in his footsteps? The Apostle Paul took four missionary journeys.

His final journey was an extraordinary voyage full of miracles, yet sadly ended in Rome with the taking of his life. 

Each customized tour centers around his missionary stops, which include some of the most appealing Christian sites in the “Seven Churches of Revelation.”

Each tour is rarely the same as the one before! Your journey to the places he traveled will give you new insight into the accounts he penned in the Bible.

For more information about these Footsteps of Paul tours and cruises, call us today at 1-888-771-8717 or email us at [email protected].

Our Footsteps of Paul tours and cruises celebrate the top destinations you can reach by ship or by land.

Our most popular tours & cruises make stops from all four of his journeys. The sites can include:





















Caesarea Maritima





Mars Hill: Paul’s Courageous Message

In Paul's audacious leture at Mars Hill, he challenged leading philosophers to think more deeply about the most important part of life: God.
Island Of Patmos Panorama

Island of Patmos: Explore the Place Book of Revelation Was Written

Visit and explore the legendary island of Patmos in Greece where John lived in exile and wrote the apocalyptic Book of Revelation as given to him by Jesus.
Apologist Frank Turek speaking on-site in Israel

The Bible is True and Christians Can Prove It with Frank Turek

Christians can learn from apologist Frank Turek how to prove the Bible is true and accurate while traveling the world and gathering experiential evidence! Apologist Frank Turek doesn’t shy away from difficult questions. As a Christian speaker, Frank spends a lot of time traveling to college campuses across the country answering questions from young people who…
The ruins of the ancient city of Corinth, Greek columns and the remains of a structure

Why Corinth is the Perfect Site for a Footsteps of Paul Greece Tour

Corinth is famous for being the early church to which Paul wrote the letters of First and Second Corinthians, containing some of the most well-known passages in the entire Bible.
the ruins of the harbor of Cenchrea

How the Apostle Paul Stopped in Cenchrea for a Haircut

Following the journey of the Apostle Paul through the New Testament we see that Paul is known to have visited some of the biggest cities in the Roman Empire during his travels but one of the lesser-known places he stopped was the port of Cenchrea. Scripture tells us that this was the home of Paul’s…
ShipwreckAnd4Anchors FootstepsOfPaul

Shipwreck and 4 Anchors | Footsteps of Paul

Shipwreck! Apostle Paul Survives Exciting archaeological discoveries from Israel and across the ancient Roman Empire are continuing to confirm stories from the Bible. One such event is a shipwreck that left the Apostle Paul stranded on an arid and barren piece of land in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. This story of shipwreck is dramatic. Over…

Exploring Lands of Ancient Treasure: Following in the Apostles’ Footsteps

Explore locations read about in the Bible following the footsteps of the apostles, exploring historic, cultural, and spiritual history of ancient lands. Image walking through the ancient lands of Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea. Now, imagine following the footsteps of the Apostle Paul, one of the most important figures of the Apostolic…
Purple codex patmos

Patmos Has More to Offer Bible Lovers Than Just a Cave

Called the Purple Codex due to the particular color of the parchment, the masterpiece is among the earliest illustrated books in existence, possibly the oldest. It is the first of two volumes of a Book of the Gospels, and contains the Gospels of Mark and Matthew.
Cencherea Beach Greece

Christian Cruises Highlighting Biblical Sites in Greece

Explore unique opportunities to travel and uncover some of the Book of Acts most interesting Greece destinations while following the apostles' adventures!
Apostle Paul and Head Coverings Erastus temple prostitute buyout Inscription

Apostle Paul and Head Coverings

Many would be quick to proclaim bigotry when referring to Apostle Paul and Head Coverings, but the historical context (as always) is incredibly important to note. The Acropolis, seated atop a hill stretching above the city of Corinth historically housed 1000 temple prostitutes. It was in this time that Paul wrote his letter to the…

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